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adding a BIGSBY to my son's Fender Telecaster FMT

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Lonesomedave, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. just a quick question for anybody who knows.

    i want to add a Bigsby vibrato to my son's fender telecaster FMT. for those not familiar with the FMT (and i myself was one until very recently), it is an interesting guitar, and is only a telecaster by is shape. the pickups, neck etc have very little to do with the REAL telecaster. here is a pic:


    the neck is a set neck, not the bolt on of most telecasters. the pickups are seymour duncans, and the sound is more like a Les Paul than the original telecaster. on the original tele, the bridge pickup is angled, where on this one, thetwo pickups are straight and much wider.

    i want to add a Bigsby Vibrato to this for his Christmas present. the guitar is currently strung through the body, although i realize the current bridge will most likely have to be removed.

    any thoughts? anyone with experience to adding a Bigsby to this (or any Fender, for that matter).

    i would appreciate any comments at all.

  2. i LOVE these guitars. i fell in love with the spalted top one in a willis music one day. too bad i didnt have any money. a lot of fenders with HH setups seem to have this odd... twang? to them. you get all the crunch and bottom end in the world, but its almost like they hid a single coil in there. maybe it is their body wood? the pickup placement? the simple fact that its a fender? either way, i dig it.

    as far as a bigsby is concerned, i can add very little. im sure they make something aftermarket that makes the conversion easier. personally, im a stop-tail sort of guy. do all my bending with my hands. but i'd love to see how that turns out.
  3. The Bigsby B50 is the one I would use, it is a top mount horseshoe style tailpiece. The brige will most likely need to be completely replaced, but you might have some cosmetic issues from the footprint of the old bridge. Does the current bridge also top load? If so, you can run the strings through the holes in the bridge, but it could possibly cause string breakage due to friction. I say get the B50, and see how it all lines up. Just my $0.02 :)
  4. no, it does not top load.

    it is strictly string through the body.

  5. Hmm. Let me look through a few catalogs and see what I can find in terms of a bridge replacement. I'll come back later...
  6. Ok, here are a few you can find at www.allparts.com;



    Both have a large footprint, are top loading, and have rolling saddles. First one is chrome, list price $164. Second one is black, made by Schaller and is $134.

    Hope this helps! :)

  7. Balmer07


    Jan 20, 2014
    Just wondering if you ever got sorted with this?

    I have the same guitar only in Amber and would love to get a bigsby put onto it!

    Any information would be appreciated!


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