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Adding a cab to a roland dbass 500?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Geej, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. Yea, the title pretty much sums it up...
    I've been wondering if I should use an extra cab as an extension with my roland combo or start entirely from scratch...

    I haven't tried many different amps, so im not really familiar with the different range of tones out there... But I'm quite content with the options and the few effects I get from the roland preamp, and its suitable for what I do.... So I was thinking about just running a poweramp -> maybe a 115 or 210 from either the XLR (i think thats what its called) or the 1/4" line-out... just for the extra power because I've been pushing my amp a little harder recently, and just thought it might be time to upgrade...

    Has anyone done this with a roland that they've owned, or perhaps with a combo amp in general?

    Or are there any other opinions on whether this is a good/bad idea or some alternatives?

    Thanks guys

    BTW - Heres a diagram of the setup

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  2. bump for an answer :)

    And a sort of add-on question... If I was to buy a poweramp... is it something that will really affect the sound a great deal or just amplify it? With that in mind, would it matter too much if I bought something cheaper (keep in mind im in Australia) like a Yamaha or Behringer poweramp rather than something really expensive like a QSC PLX? (not that i dont want a qsc :p )

    It just sounds to me like it amplifies your signal, rather than colour it, so a cheaper one wouldn't be too bad besides some "reliability issues" behringer supposedly has... .. but lets not turn this thread into one of those threads... you know the ones :ninja:

    And i'm not too concerned that a cheaper one is a little worse off when it comes to s/n ratio, damping, distortion etc because to be quite honest... not having had the experience of using heaps of different setups... im not too sure what these all mean (much less how it will affect my sound)... I'm not stupid stupid, i can assume from the names sorta what they mean... but im pretty confident I couldn't pick one from the other having heard them...
  3. Sparkie


    Nov 15, 2004
    Sounds like a fun but slightly expensive experiement. This is one of those hypothetic exercises where the end doesn't justify the means. The DB is only 150 watts to start with, is supposedly voiced/calibrated to that specific cab/speaker and is a pretty dang good combo as is. I'd leave it and start building a new rig, but that's just me....
  4. i said it before and i'll say it again. if you like the sound and want it amplified, but don't mind the weight, go with it. just try and get something as far as speakers that'll sound similar
  5. +1