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Adding a humbucker to a Jazz Bass?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Pearl_jammin, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. Hi, I'm tooking at adding a humbucker to a far neck position of a Jazz Bass. I'm looking at the W4CBC Bartolini. I was planning on adding it as well as the standard jazz pickups to provide a greater range of tones.

    I'm quite worried about losing the tone of the two usual pickups on their own however, so I'm looking to have a push/pull pot so that I can turn the humbucker off when it's not needed.

    I'm gonna try it out on an Shine Jazz bass copy first, and maybe if results are good try it out on my Geddy Lee Jazz, however I REALLY don't want to mess up the tone on that.

    What is your opinion of this? Would adding a new pickup make the current jazz pickups have an lower output?

    Thanks for any advice/opinions.
  2. fenderx55


    Jan 15, 2005
    push pull pot=good idea. but i don't really get what ur doing; are u putting the humbucker in front of the neck pup (closer tot he neck) or just axing the original neck pickup?
  3. Sorry should have explained that better, I want to add the pickup in addition to the usual pickups, right at the neck, with the usual neck and bridge jazz pickups left in place.
  4. This is the bass I had the idea from...
    Does anyone have a suggestion for the humbucker? The one in this picture is no longer in production.
    I am looking for a really warm sound, with little attack (I can rely on the Jazz pickups for that). I am just looking for a really mellow, soft tone with really well defined lows, but not too boomy.

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  5. fenderx55


    Jan 15, 2005
    i don't know much about bartolinis, but i do know that unless u rock the tone all the way up, u may get very little deffinition up there, but i gather that's what u want?
  6. I think I can rely on the definiation of the Jazz pickups, however I'm not definatly looking for a Bart. And yes in a way I'm looking for a pickup that just keeps a real bassy smooth sound that I can add on top of the Jazz pickups.
    My main problem at the moment is I'm pretty sure that by adding a humbucker, the other two pickups will have less output, even when the humbucker is not turned on. Anyone think of a way to overcome this?
  7. RobertUI

    RobertUI Thumper Supporting Member

    Apr 7, 2005
    Herndon, VA - NoVa
    I am thinking that the pickup you might be interested in would be a Dark Star humbucker. I like your idea of being able to turn it on and off. You should be able to find out everything that you need about Dark Stars on "The Dudepit"! :bassist:
  8. Eilif

    Eilif Supporting Member

    Oct 1, 2001
    I have a couple of suggestions if you want to go passive.

    I played a jazz with a ric p/u right at the neck and it wa supper smooth. SD makes a good Ric replacement humbucker. am strontly considering putting a Semour Duncan Basslines Ric Replacement Neck Humbucker in my pbass Just to get an uber dub bass.

    An EBO replacement would also give you alot of lows, but not as much clarity as a Ric replacement. WD makes what is supposedly a good EBO replacement

    Lastly, if you like the sound of the neck PU in the Yamaha Billy Shean model, go for the Dimarzio Model 1 humbucker it's actually an improved version of the EBO Humbucker tht Billy put right at the neck of his pbass.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Thanks for the help guys. I am definatly looking to go passive.
    I'm getting major GAS for a Dark Star, I checked out the DudePit, but I feel really stupid as I can't find a place to buy one, anyone got a link?
    I think I'll get this done proffesionally for me, it's not worth messing up the routing job, and hopefully they can wire it up so there I can keep the standard tone of the jazz, and only when I want it, the tone of the humbucker too.
  10. *bump*
  11. A9X


    Dec 27, 2003
    Sinny, Oztraya
  12. I found a link to that before, all I get is a Cannot Find Server page, have they moved or something?
  13. A9X


    Dec 27, 2003
    Sinny, Oztraya
    Works OK for me. I just tried it again before replying.