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adding a slave power amp

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by frank_hfc, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. frank_hfc


    Aug 9, 2005
    i have a peavey max700 running two 4 ohm cabs for a total 2 ohm load at 700w rms. is it possible to add an external power amp as a slave? the peavey max700 has a pre-amp out jack that looks like it can do something like that. the cabs are avatar 4x10(1200w) and 1x15(600w)

    so would this be the right way to run it?

    bass-->max700-->power amp-->cabs?

    does the power amp need to be bridged or in stereo?
  2. The max 700 would make a crazy heavy preamp, but yes, you can run a wire from the Preamp out jack to a power amp, or you can use the crossover and biamp if you want. What two cabs are using that 700watts isnt enough?
  3. frank_hfc


    Aug 9, 2005
    avatar 4x10 neo rated at 1200w rms and a 1x15 neo rated at 600w. 700w from the peavey just can't keep up with two full stacks (sunn and laney).
  4. holly crap, your saying that 700 watts through a 410 and 115 cant keep up with two "full" stacks, if you really need to be playing that loud that, this set up would not work you need alot of support from FOH. thats just crazy. I played againt 2 5150 stacks with a 135 watt peavey combo and got told to turn down and they were full tilt. its eather that or your eq is out the door.
  5. Well you could probably pick up a cheaper QSC power amp and run it bridged to 1200watts and power just the 410 and run the 115 off the head. Anything short of 1400watts to the whole stack won't make much of a difference in overall loudness, although your musical peaks will become louder with the added headroom.
  6. 700 watts should be more than sufficient. My bet is that you have an EQ war going on with your guitarists. In other words, all of you are probably all trying to use the same EQ settings, then turning up your volumes to be heard clearly.