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Adding New Pup To P-Bass

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by SurferJoe46, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I was all talked in to putting a Musicman pup on my P, but now I see that there's 'supposedly' a better pup in the DiMarzio DP248 Area J Bridge.

    Really - it's for the mellow and smooth sounds I want that I am now thinking I don't want the Musicman at all and should just go for this DiMarzio instead, leaving the original Fender splits in place.

    For almost double the price, I can also totally replace the stocker P-pups and add another bridge pup with the DiMarzio DP126 P+J Neck & Bridge pickups.

    Has anyone added this/these pup/pups to their P and what are the results? I want to use a blender pot, not a knife blade to switch them around.

    I realize this might be a waste of intelligent money to do it to my MIA-P, but otherwise this bass will go back into it's case and live out it's life in a closet. I've got the neck action about as max-ed out as I can get it and MAYBE I can resurrect this Fender with some new ears.

    Second problem: I want a WHITE/RED/WHITE pickguard and it doesn't look like anyone makes one. Has anyone ever seen one in this color combination? If possible, I'd like that blank with no pickup or pot holes in it. Dreamin', huh?

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