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  1. well i bought the Behringer BX1200... it's very nice and everything, especially for the price, but my band might rent out a rather large hall to gig in every week. (unlike the small places we usually gig at) i doubt the bx is loud enough for that and i was wondering what is the cheapest way to add alot of volume. thanks
  2. eh anyone have anything to say at all?
  3. No PA you can go direct/mic into from your amp???

    If not, I'll twist the definition of "cheapest" a couple of ways;

    - When I need considerable volume and I'm not able to transport an amp, I rent one from a music store. For instance, in St. Louis, I get an Ampeg SVT Classic for a night for $50. And there are lots of smaller, loud, 4x10's available at less expensive rates.

    - The downside of what I just said is that you've spent $20-$50 on an amp you just used for one night. Another option is to get a Sansamp Bass Driver. It adds harmonic content that will make your sound bigger and richer and clips like a classic tube amp when you drive your amp hard (unlike a solid state amp that sounds ratty when you push it). The downside is that it doesn't cost a whole lot less than your amp but it is something you own.

    Of course, when I was starting out, borrowing someone's bigger amp was the best way. I'd just do a favor for them in return.
  4. do you have any 4x10 suggestions?
  5. I'm confused as to whether you mean a cabinet to rent"/to buy???

    When it comes to rentals, you pretty much have to settle for what the particular music store offers as rentals. I've had Genz-Benz, Ampeg, SWR Goliath, and Nemesis which were all fine for a one-nighter in a small-med. club setting, playing rock/blues/R&B.

    The renting stores usually seemed to have Crate, Fender, Carvin, Peavey, available at a lower rental rate than the others I mentioned above. But, I always passed on these. Rental gear sees lots of abuse, so I figured it pays to go with the higher dollar brands for dependability, not just sound.

    If you're talking about buying a cab, Gallien-Krueger's "Backline" 4x10 and 2x10 are attractively priced. Or, you might check out Trace-Elliot gear offered by Musician's Friend. They recently bought out the existing inventory of Trace-Elliot's facility in England and are running deals on it for a while.
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    I'm going to pretend to be Quadzilla for a moment and recommend and Avatar cab, maybe a 210, if your Behringer will drive an extension cab. The Avatars look very promising, especially for the price and Quad gives them high marks. I don't underestimate the underdog until many can disprove them as has been done with Carvin cabs in general. Carvin does make nice basses and power amp and heads though. I've heard too many people compare Peavey 210 and 410 cabs to SWR to discredit them, especially for the price, so there's another brand that's inexpensive.
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    What he said... :D :)
  8. about the backline's. i was looking at them too. the behringer would be strong enough to run those without bogging down... the 2x10 or the 4x10.. the ohms fit but i don't know
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