Adjust/Lower Action on my Double Bass

Discussion in 'Setup & Repair [DB]' started by Sarley, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Sarley


    Dec 17, 2009
    i have started playing double bass and need to lower the action on in it, ive tried to screw the bridge all the way down but still to high.
    Can anyone give advice or if you live in london u.k maybe you could show me how to do it because i dont really want to file anything down myself, it seems to risky with hands that dont know what their doing!!

  2. London Luthier.

    EDIT: I looked at your other posts. Did you ever find a teach? I sense that you're a bit confused and frustrated with your journey. Can we help?
    I'd suggest that you read all the newbie stuff under each Forum and do a thorough TB search for more questions you may have by using search words that zero in on the subject you need to find. Like....DB bridge adjusters, DB bridge height, tonal adjustment. If you don't put DB in front of your search subject, it will take you into bass guitar stuff too. Be as specific as you can.
    You live in huge major city, but seem to not know how to get someone to help you.
    You really should have posted this under the Set-up and Repair Forum header. That's where people who know about setting up the bass go to answer questions like this.
    Maybe a Moderator can move this for you.
    Feel free to Private Message me with questions. (click on my name to do that) I would give you my phone number to call me collect. I do alot of that here at TB.
  3. To follow up from what Paul said, there is also a UK-specific DB forum here. There are some very helpful and knowledgeable people there, including London-based teachers and professional players.
  4. Nice Paul, what a sweetheart! :cool:

    First the simple - you have to adjust both sides equally - in case you just tried to lower one side.

    Beyond that you may or may not have something else going on with your bridge, neck or body. Have a luthier or at least someone with DB experience look at it before you start cutting on anything.

    It is hard to comment specifically without seeing it. If you could post some pictures (bridge, neck, body several angles), you might get better advice here on TB.

    If what you need done is just some leg height taken off at the adjuster surface it should not be a big deal ($). However there are a few DYI risks - like the adjust screws bottoming out in the threaded hole or hitting the body because of reduced clearance. Also your sound post could fall while the pressure is off it.
  5. Sarley


    Dec 17, 2009
    im a lazy git!!! i sit around and make music on it but havent really had much discipline to get at practicing, your right paul all i really need it a teacher because there is to much stuff to learn and no plan!
  6. jstiel

    jstiel Jim Stiel

    Jun 5, 2004
    Lake Orion, MI
    Before you do anything, make sure that the bridge hasn't crept forward. This will tend to raise the string height.