Adjusting truss rods ...

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  1. For single acting truss rods, the only type I have:

    If I'm tightening the truss rod (flattening the board) I like to help it along, gently. This can be done by a bit of light pressure midpoint at the back of the neck (one hand at the heel, one hand at the nut, belly at the back of the neck, gently), or by relieving string tension. Your choice.

    If I'm loosening the truss rod (adding relief) then no help is required. The string tension will do the work for me.
    If you think of the forces that the strings exert on the neck, you'll appreciate more fully what you must do to make yourself feel good about this very simple adjustment.

    Observe, readjust, observe, readjust, repeat until the desired effect is achieved.
    And don't take all day. There's playing to be done and music to make.