Adjustments to MIM Jazz for slapping

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  1. Please Let me know if you own a Newer MIM Jazz and you slap, and if so what Adjustments have you made, I just bought a new one and I can't get the sound right. Do you have to adjust or change the pickups, strings, Bridge? Please Let me know.
  2. jazzbass1


    Dec 2, 2000
    Funny, I was just doing some adjustments to mine just now. I don't know how hard you play, but I have a fairly light touch, so I keep my action pretty low, with no fret buzz. I also have a very slight amount of relief in the neck, almost straight. That, and with some Smith 95-40's gives me a pretty good slap sound. I also changed the pickups to some stock MIA's, that helped a bunch. I did install a Badass II bridge, but I don't think that's a must.
  3. Hey Jazzman thanks for the advice, I will be taking a trip to the guitar shop in the morning, I think I have the action set just about perfect for my style, I will be picking up some strings and the MIA's thanks again.
  4. ...I slap on my MIM J-Bass and it sounds OK. Then again I don't really need to be heard in Saturn nor do I have the amp for that.

    Also, money is a factor...I can´t afford a MIA yet.