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Adrian Younge cover medley

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by crlujan, Oct 28, 2018.

  1. crlujan


    Jul 26, 2011
    SF Bay Area
    If you’re not familiar with Adrian Younge, look him up. The Black Dynamite soundtrack is where he got his start. Has been working lately with Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest). They did the Luke Cage soundtrack together.

    Anyway, I’ve been studying his music for years and this medley popped into my head as something that could work.

    K-NOW from the Souls Of Mischeif album, “There Is Only Now”.
    Thunderstrike and Sirens both from the Venice Dawn album, “Something About April”.

    My 19 year old stepson on guitar.
    Drummer in my regular band, The M-Tet, on drums.
    Myself on everything else (bass, Hammond Organ, bells, and water bottles).

    Recorded and mixed on the Tascam 388 analog tape machine.


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  2. sounds good, i used to own a 388 and loved it. sadly i flipped it since they are going for so much these days.
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  3. crlujan


    Jul 26, 2011
    SF Bay Area
    Thanks! I just got my 388 about a year and a half ago. Definitely a fun and very analog sounding machine.
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