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    I pulled the trigger on having ADT and Ring today. I asked my neighbor to keep and eye on my house while I was out of town (The 19th is the last time I saw my wife alive and she died on the 23rd of July.) I've decided that it's best to be around friends on the anniversary of her passing. I got a first class flight to Miami for $300, and since I've never flown first class I said "why not?"

    I have a gig down there also, but I keep having this worried feeling in the back of my mind about leaving my gear unprotected. I have insurance, but as you guys know, an instrument is a personal relationship I REALLY love the sound of my basses and replacing them isn't really the point. I don't want to lose them. It took awhile to find the basses that feel like my second skin ya know?

    I didn't want to get the technological stuff that allows you to watch your s*** while you're gone, but I feel better knowing that I will be alerted if anything moves while I'm gone.

    How do you folks deal with traveling and leaving your gear behind? I live alone, so this is the only option for me it seems. My neighbor gave me the vibe of "why don't you buy something? I really don't want the responsibility of even looking out for you..."

    It seems that it's easier to pay for s*** that watches your house than to trust your neighbors to lend an eyeball these days...

    Any opinions could be enlightening...


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    My sincere condolences on your wife’s passing. :(
    I have Ring cameras at my house as well, however, when we were out of town a few years ago I bought an affordable set of indoor cameras as well for additional piece of mind. The cameras had their own app, so I could check the house 24/7 (including our music room.) They were easy to set up.
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    I have cameras from Eufy in and around my house. I can watch any of them at any time, as well as configure them to notify my phone when motion is detected.

    The thing that sold me on them was no monthly storage fee. All the videos are stored locally on their home base. To be honest I don't worry about my gear that much when I'm gone. However much I love my basses, they're just things.
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