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    Hello All,
    Sorry if this has been covered before but I was wondering if you think show posters are still relevent? I have been playing professionally for 20 years now and there was definitely a time when it was an absolute must that you advertise your show with posters. With today's advances in technology and social networking websites, do you still feel the need to put up posters for your shows? I see that they can have their place but I am wondering if they are still a necessity.
    I still poster for shows but have scaled back the number that I print. I live in a town that, at last count, has somewhere between 400 - 500 active bands. I get frustrated at having my posters covered by other bands or going to a show out of town and not seeing any of the posters I have mailed to the club/promoter hung anywhere. I am starting to think it is a huge waste of paper. I am just curious how you deal with posters for your shows. Funny thing is that I truly enjoy them as art but I wonder about their effectiveness.
  2. That's a very good question. I was thinking about it the other day..."Should I make some posters or not?". We have found that posting on the social networking sights has better results than hanging poster in the local liquor stores and convienence shops. We have enough contacts between facebook and myspace to get the word out to the "loyal" fans. Marquees usually get the rest of the locals who want to watch the show. And it saves trees:hyper: I do still enjoy the BIG vinyl posters made by the beer distributors, though. It's really kicka$$ to see your bands name on a 50 sp ft poster.
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    These days you have to find good places to put the posters and most of those places won't let you. Grocery store bulletin boards used to be a good spot. Everybody has to eat regardless of the music they like.
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    It will depend on the venue.

    Playing a college where there's a slew of spaces to put up posters.....sure. It's tailor-made to head in with 200, get them approved by the campus facilities folks, and put them up...especially if they're the ones paying for the event. Heck, they may even make the flyers for you or even put them up!