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  1. luk397


    Nov 9, 2012
    ok im 15 and have been playing bass for a about 2 years. Ive had a yamaha rbx 170 and it has worked ok for me but really a sub par bass. ive had my eye on a fender squire v-5 active jazz bass (this is a five string) and i think il put some D'addario xl light pro steel strings on it. Anyone played the bass or the strings? thoughts? thanks
  2. chef wong

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    Sep 15, 2012
    Yamaha makes better versions of the RBX. I'd just look for one of those..but used. Always buy used.
  3. bassbenj


    Aug 11, 2009
    My advice is to just tell you what I do for the "next" bass whether it's the second or twenty second bass. And that that is to let your interests and musical interests guide you. It usually is best to save money by buying used unless you REALLY know what it is you want in a bass. The money is best considered "bass lessons".

    So are you REALLY interested in learning a 5er? If not you'll just end up being one of those cats we see here to bought a 5er and tried it for a while and then went back to his 4 banger and it felt like "home" and he never left again. That is SO wrong on so many levels. If you are at home on a 4 and have no interest in leaving, then why do it at all? Same thing for fretless. it takes some serious work so that you are playing a fretless and it is not playing YOU! And the ONLY way you'll be willing to put in the work is only if the idea of playing a fretless REALLY motivates you.

    So when I see something new, and I start thinking: Gosh what if I tried this new thing with this or that or that music? How would it work out? Only one way to find out. DO IT. So I've got an 8 string bass. And it's very unique in tone. Sure I don't play it much, but now I KNOW what it can do for me and IF I want that i grab it.

    This is a rather different question than saying "my current bass sucks...for this and this and this reasons". Note that it is IMPORTANT to KNOW why you don't like your current bass. Otherwise how could you pick a new one that fixes what you don't like?

    I've got a MIM Fender V and I love it. But mine is strung with flats. But that is the music I want from it. If you want to see what D'addario light pro steels can do for you, then buy a set and try them. What they do for you depends on YOUR opinion not mine.
  4. These guys speak the truth. Even for your 20th bass, buy used. Also, I don't know why you are dismissive of your current bass, although I've never tried one, so maybe it is sub-par, or at least for you it is. Don't make the mistake of shopping for the headstock. I've played many a $250 bass that feels and sounds better than $2500 basses. Beware the gear snobs who will tell you that this comment is heresy and/or delusional. Buy a bass that feels good to you, sounds good to you, and looks good to you...and a case could be made for prioritizing your search in that order!

    Whatever you do, have fun shopping for it! It is hard to beat going out for a day of bass (or amp) testing! Good luck!