Advice for this pedalboard please?

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  1. Hey guys!
    I am planning on getting myself a proper pedalboard in the near future! I plan to have on it:
    1. TC Electronic Polytune 2(mini?)
    2. Markbass Compressore (or MXR M87 compressor)
    3. EBS Octabass
    4. MXR M80 DI+
    I have a couple of questions for this.
    Firstly, Is the Markbass Compressore a good choice? It's slightly cheaper than the MXR one, plus it's valve, but it is so big and power hungry!
    Secondly, what power supply would you recommend? Something under £110 would be very very ideal, but I can go slightly above, but the cheaper the better, and preferably one that can handle the compressore!

    So guys, what do you think? :)
  2. I was recently doing research for a similar setup, I'm interested in the compressore as well. As far as I can tell, you really can't power that thing with anything but the included power supply, I couldn't find any definitive proof that the readily available power supplies for pedal boards will run it. It's also pretty large. I decided if I was going to go that way I couldn't use a pedaltrain mini and fit that and 3 or 4 other pedals. Someone with more first hand experience might be able to refute that though.
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    Yeah the sheer size and odd power requirements would scare me away from the Markbass for use on a mobile pedalboard.

    The MXR M87 should also be a good bit cheaper than the Markbass...but also look into the EBS MultiComp which is a fantastic compressor as well and is still my personal favorite.
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