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    Jan 12, 2005
    Hi Guys / Girls,

    I need some advice... right now i have a XS400H - Bass Head - 400w (Yorkville) and i'm running it into a 8ohm fender 1x15 inch cabinet... i am not getting enough sound out of this setup!!!

    So i need some suggestions... two amps i've really been interested in is the
    1. Ampeg SVT 4 PRO ( but i don't know what cabinet)
    2. and the Traynor YBA 200 Tube Head w/ 2x10 . 1x15 cab...

    i play bass with my fingers, a fender jazz with active pickups and i need volume and durability... can anyone help ?!
  2. well first off you are only running the amp at 8 ohms so you are getting say half of the total power of the rig, second that fender cabinet may not be very efficeint although i dont know much about them so my suggestion would to be bring your head around town to the music stores or borrow some cabs make sure u are running it at its minimum impendance which is 4ohms and that will give you your total 400 watts mabey try a yorkie 2or4 10 cabinet anda different 1x15 underneath that rig should be plenty loud and durable.