Advice: Knilling vs. Strunal (Hybrids)

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by Rob Hunter, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. I'm finally getting close to getting a new bass. I've decided I want a hybrid because I often play outdoors (and fully carved basses are a tad pricey for my budget).

    I was going to get a Strunal hybrid (Czech made, carved top, ebony fittings) but I've just discovered Knilling basses, which has the same features.

    Any thoughts on the differences? Any views on either bass?

    - Rob
  2. I can't say much about Knilling basses because I've never even heard of them. I own a Strunal hybrid and I think it's a damn good bass. The sound has really opened up since I got it and it's well made. My only gripe is the finish, but hey for $1500.00 what can you expect.
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    Jul 6, 2002
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    Agreed... ofcourse in the right light you can blind anyone who opposes you...
    -don't know about too many other basses, but I myself own a strunal hybrid and have no complaints... ofcourse anything is better than the "never-been-set-up" roth's at school...
    -Ed Fuqua's right though- play around and see what you like... goes for any instrument
  4. You can always de-gloss it (hello white Scotch-Brite pads), or have it de-glossed, if shiny basses bother you (as they bother *me*).

    I've always heard that Knillings & Strunals are pretty much equivalent, though Mars Music was selling Knillings, which they had priced at about $2500, as I recall. I'd rather have a Christopher for about that same price, or a Strunal for MUCH less than that at