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Advice needed- Cabinets- Berg vs. Eden

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by obimark, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. obimark


    Sep 1, 2011
    TBers- Any and all advice is appreciated.
    I play mostly rock covers, think Driving N Crying, AC/DC, Billy Idol in a fairly loud rock group. I like some growl with good-bass low end to my tone both practicing and onstage.

    Right now I have a Aguilar TH500 head run thru a markbass club 15 and NY121. Unfortunately, I am not getting as much cut as I want, and stage volume is hard to hear my bass clearly even with tweaking a-plenty (my main basses are passive P-bass's)
    Also the Markbass club 15 is a lot bulkier than i'd like (very light but bulky) I also want one of my cabinets I can carry up my open riser stair in my modern house I designed for home practice. (Architect by dayjob)

    Here are the options I am looking at if my pocketbook will allow--
    EDEN 210 DXST w/ EDEN D112xt- (Believe this would be plenty of volume with my TH 500 head)
    Bergantino HD112 with either the Eden 210 DXsT or Bergantino HD210.

    Any advice is welcome, Will I have any issue being heard over my two gui****s and over-eager drummer with either of these (2) setups? Thanks in advance. I know my guitar player from my old band says their new bass player uses 1 Eden 210 for practice and cuts thru better than my two Markbass cabinets ever did (with an old GK400 head)!! Fact.
  2. Please read the sticky re mixing speaker sizes. Could be you're getting phase issues-thus getting a less than optimul sound using 12"&15"together
    I like Bergs & I'd recommend you get either 2 hd210's a stack em vertically or a hd212.
    Nothing wrong with Eden tho-again-2 210's- I just dig Bergantino cabs
  3. obimark


    Sep 1, 2011
    Thanks- I have read about mixing speaker sizes and maybe that is what is happening in my case but unfortunately the MB Club 15 doesn't cut much even on it's own when I use it solo at practice.

    Guess I am torn because I have heard such good things about the Berg HD112 on its own (and the youtube of it is awesome), and the Eden 210xst seems to be real strong, and part of me wants the best of both worlds. I did read of a few people really successfully using the Eden 210, w/ Eden 112 setup (with the 210 on the bottom 112 on top)
  4. Yep, the Eden mixing cabs could work. Have to use yr ears.
    You seem to've found a mixing cab set up that doesn't work already.
    Not to say all won't, but it's a lottery.
    You'd need to try em all.
    Matching cabs does work tho-easier to know for sure.
    I've never owned any Eden cabs, but have liked em when I've used em.
    Bergs simply "work" for me.
    I've had a fair few & loved all I've tried.

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