Advice on a rig upgrade (V4B), not sure which cab to get.

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  1. Boy_Narf


    Dec 19, 2013
    Hello Everyone,

    I've been playing an SB500H through a TC1510 for a while now and I'm itching to upgrade. For all of my recent demos I have been using the stock bass amp plugin from the Amplitube custom shop. It sounds KILLER! Just love the grind I get out of it when I set the tubes to 6L6. It is apparently modelled after an SVTCL, so I started to research the CL. First off the price a bit high for me, and I'm not sure I would ever need 300 watts of power. What I am looking for is dirt and grind. Enter the V4B. I honestly had no idea these things existed until I started researching on TB.

    Anyway, the V4B is right in my price range, but I'm a bit stuck on cabs. For the time being I will probably use my TC1510 (please no comments, I've already heard it all), but defiantly want something better down the road. I want a cab I don't have to upgrade again in the future, so of course I went straight to the 810AV. I then started to do some research and found people seem to prefer the 610HLF and even the 212AV to it. I had always wanted my final bass rig to have a pair of OBC115 cabs, so that is another option (Major Orange fan here). For the money I thinking a 610 or 810 would probably sound better (not really sure though).

    What do you guys think? Would you go for the 810AV, 610HLF, 212AV (possibly add a second down the road), or the pair of OBC115 cabs?

    Portability is not an issue. Like my 612 Orange rig, it sits at home and is used for rehearsal/writing. I intend to park the cab in the music room so weight/size is not a concern. For gigs I have an SB115 that I absolutely love. I will most likely keep on using that, or buy a portable beater cab on Kijiji for the V4B.

    If it matters my main bass is a Godin A4 Ultra. I currently run a BB preamp and a mosquite blender but intend to lose all the pedals once I get the V4B.


    ***EDIT: I just looked up the Traynor 810 which is beyond affordable compared to the other cabs I have been looking at. Might be a good option aswell.
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  2. If size and weight aren't a problem , go with the Ampeg 8 10. Everything else is a "close but no cigar" situation.
  3. Boy_Narf


    Dec 19, 2013
    Cool thanks. I might do a shootout between that and the Traynor. Nice to buy local if it can make the cut.
  4. Boy_Narf


    Dec 19, 2013

    Tried the V4B and a YBA200 tonight. V4B was soo much smoother. really sounded great. Will say it was a bit too warm for my A4 Ultra, but with a NG2 it sounded killer. Problem is I played the NG2 and decided I wanted that instead haha. Great amp though. Awesome tone and very manageable at 100 watts too. Plan to pick one up in the future.
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    I have an Ampeg V4B (a vintage one and a new one) 810 AV is king, it's my number one.. I also have a 212 AV, and I never use it. Not really loud enough, doesn't sound anything like an 810.
    When the 810 is too big for the room, I often use an old Kustom 2x15 Tuck 'n Roll. It sounds great with the V4B.
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    Ya, can't beat the 810e, really, but the 212av is also a great smaller cab that sounds a lot like an 810e. It's probably not identical, but it's close. 610hlf is also sweet and sounds a lot more like the 810e than people think.