Advice on body wood - London Plane/Sycamore

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  1. Good morning
    first time poster in this subforum, and already a question/request for advice.

    The bass-parts-shop has a 5 string bass body made of London plane-wood (I believe you in the US call it Sycamore).

    Can somebody advice which sound I can expect (ash, alder, maple, plastic,...)?

    Thanks already and looking forward to your suggestions/explanations!
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  3. Means2nEnd

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    It’s always my favorite when a question about the effects of different woods on an electric bass is answered by Will and his thoughts on electric guitars.
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    Its going to sound like a combination of the pickups you use, the pickup location built into the body, the electronics and the strings you use. If the body has anything to do with the sound it is extremely minimal
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