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Advice on rack-mounting

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Bayou_Brawler, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. Bayou_Brawler

    Bayou_Brawler The most hurtful thing ever realized

    Oct 23, 2003
    Ann Arbor, MI
    hey y'all,

    i'm about to rack mount my GK 800RB when my brackets get here in the mail.

    it's a pretty thin case....probably just be a few inches left after the 800 goes in.

    seems simple enough.

    i was just wondering if there is anything i need to know besides throwing it in there and screwing it in......seeing as i have no experience with it.


  2. bill h

    bill h

    Aug 31, 2002
    small town MN
    You may want to use some nylon washers.
  3. Make sure you use all 4 screw holes, and put the bottom ones in first - they take all the weight. If you do the top first and don't support it properly, it could bend/twist the front cover plate or rack ears.
  4. Yup, support the back of the amp if its not on the floor of the unit. Also make sure there's plenty of space for air flow, sides, back, above, below, wherever the air flow goes, don't cover up any vents.

    I usually put stuff in racks when its face pointing up, so the amp drops down into the rack. That eliminates problems bending rails and whatnot before all the screws are in and supporting it.

  5. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
    Madison, NJ
    I do what steveksux does, lay the rack on it's back, remove all wires, drop the amp in gently and screw it in. I use nylon washers on my rack screws to prevent rack rash on the face, and screw in tightly, then flip it over and plug in everything. If you're going to keep the amp in there permanently, especially with other things, I seriously suggest that you tie down the power cables and other things. Less things that move means less things that come unplugged, making for a more foolproof gig.
  6. jivetkr


    May 15, 2002
    speaking of racks, is there anyone that makes a bag or pouch that attaches to the rack lid to hold cables & misc stuff?