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  1. Hey, my band Space Moose has been recording some stuff in our home studio and we just finished a new song called Thirst (well, we're still going to do some minor tweaks, but it's essentially done). It's on our site at . We did a quick mix and I was wondering what you guys thought about it? There wasn't too much EQ'ing done, mostly cut off the lows for some things and add a few Db in the higher ranges depending on the instrument. Any freqs sticking out like a sore thumb?

    This is our 2nd attempt at recording, everything done ourselves. We're using Protools with the MXL mic packages for condensors with the following set-up: 2 pencil condensors for overheads, 1 snare, 1 bass drum mic for drums, bass and keys DI'ed, then guitar closed miced with the snare/tom mic. Vox are the large diaphram condensor in a bathroom with a delay in it to get that effect.

    Also, the 2 tracks Funky Bitch and Dance and Move are from our previous recording session, if you'd like to give some advice on those as well. Thanks for the advice guys!
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    iunno i cant really hear the kick drum in thirst.
    but im definitely feelin your band! you guys are sweet.