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Advice on this head!!please

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Vinpaul, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. Vinpaul


    Aug 24, 2005
    Melbourne, Aus
  2. Jazz Ad

    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol Supporting Member

    Wonderful amps. Tone is a bit out of fashion nowadays, very bright, lots of straight lows and high mediums. Think brit pop, kinda early SWR, anti-Ampeg kind of tone. Perfect for funk.
    It's versatile though and with a bit of work you should be able to dial a great rock/hard rock tone. The tip is to cut more than boost frequencies for a more natural tone.
    TE powers were rated very conservatively so you can epect to get heard anywhere.
    They are rock solid and won't fail on you. Just, they're not for everyone.
  3. Vinpaul


    Aug 24, 2005
    Melbourne, Aus
    really interested in any thoughts of the Hughes and Kettner from anyones whos played it
  4. i'd hit it!
    awesome amp. :hyper:
  5. Vinpaul


    Aug 24, 2005
    Melbourne, Aus
    do u mean the trace? does it lack some bottom end?
  6. I hate you
  7. Jazz Ad

    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol Supporting Member

    BassBase heads are powerful and reliable but they tend to sound cold.
    I'd use one if I played electro or indus. Otherwise, not my stuff.
  8. I don't feel my trace lacks in bottom end (my DI tends to; but speakers make up for the lack of low end live).

    infact. im convinced that trace's don't lack in bottom end; even if you felt you needed a bit more, you'll have PLENTY of guts on that monster for boosting the lows on the graphic!
  9. thedoctor


    Jun 20, 2005
    I don't have a Trace head by itself but the combo I have is a little lacking in lows, as referred to previously. I LOVE the description of sounding anti-Ampeg because I couldn't have put it better. I use an Ampeg 5R for common, everyday practice and tryouts of cabs/guitars. Cheap and simple but Ampeg all the way. An old Crate Blue Voodoo head got abandoned at my shop for the repair bill and I have been using it with a single 15 cab, a 2x15 w/horn cab and both a 4x10 w/horn and 2x15 together. I am beginning to think that guitar heads have been overlooked as a decent bass alternative. The reverb is to die for!