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  1. I may have to get another amp soon. If you've peeked into my thread, "Amp hums, then doesn't" you're aware that I'm having trouble with my Fender Bassman 60. Anyway, if I can't iron out this problem I might be getting another amp. I like warm sounding amps, and am very familiar with a lot of different brands, but, would like some advice from some of you guys out there. I'm not ruling out a head and a bottom, but, I'm more thinking about a combo;at least 100 watts, I'm open to speaker configurations. Let's keep it at about $800.00
    Two brands that I'm interested in that I haven't heard are: Genz-Benz and Nemesis. Anybody have one of these? Any ideas are welcome.

    Mike J.
  2. Sundogue


    Apr 26, 2001
    Wausau, WI
    While I don't own one now (have in the past), I've always thought that Ampeg (or any tube amp) is the best for getting really nice warm tone.

    From what I've seen Ampeg has some really nice, small combos that would give a nice warm tone.

    At least look for a solid state amp that uses a tube in it's pre-amp. Tube amps need not sound like they are overdriven if set up properly. But the tube sound does seem to give it a much fuller sound right off the bat.
  3. rayzak


    Jan 13, 2001
    Louisville, KY
    I'll be the first to chime in with the Ampeg B100-R. It's 100 loud watts and has a very warm sound. It's the warmest sounding solid state that i've heard. Sounds great, looks great, and is very affordable @ about $479.99 at most places i've seen. If you've got $800 to spend, I would go to the nearest Guitar Center or Mars, etc. and play around for a while. But definetly check out the B100-Rocket.
  4. Matthew West

    Matthew West Guest

    Sep 7, 2000
    Richmond, VA
    You should be able to get a Mesa/Boogie Buster combo used or NOS for $800 or less. 200 watts, all tube. The Buster has been discontinued, so prices should be reasonable (I got mine for $550 used). They are available in a 1x15 combo and a 2x10 wedge combo.

    Genz Benz and Nemesis are both 100% solid state (IIRC), and will probably not deliver the tone you are looking for.
  5. joel the bass player

    joel the bass player Supporting Member

    Nov 27, 2000
    Omaha, NE
    Tubes are probably your answer, and that sometimes can mean money. Ampeg won't let you down, and Mesa is good too. play them all. Don't forget the used market, as there is a lot out there.

  6. Alexander


    Aug 13, 2001
    Seattle, WA
    I've got a Nemesis and since you asked about them in particular, I thought I would give you my .02.

    I think the thing rocks. With its enhance feature, rocks. May not be the warmest out there, but I've been able to get some pretty wicked tones out of it - it is plenty loud, too. I bought mine recently and tried out a bunch in the process. I was not able to find anything as good in the price range. I got a 4x10 for just under $700.
  7. boogiebass


    Aug 16, 2000
    I second Matthew's suggestion about the Mesa Buster. Hard to beat.
  8. Hey Rayzak, you're a pretty convincing salesman for the Ampeg B100R. I also took your advice from the other thread, "New amp," in which you said to check out the reviews at Harmony Central. I did, and almost everyone rates this amp a 10 for sound! All these people can't be wrong. I just want to check out the differences between the B100R, and the BA115. I printed out all the reviews and will read them tonight. I'll keep you posted.

    Mike J.
  9. rayzak


    Jan 13, 2001
    Louisville, KY
    Hey Mike J, I hope that my advice can live up to your expectations. Admittedly, I am not the most experienced gear head in this forum, far from it. But, when I was looking for an amp in the 100 watt, $500 price range, many satisfied users suggested that I give this amp a serious look. I did just that. I went to Guitar Center, Mars, and a few smaller guitar shops in the area and plucked away. I fell in love with the 'Rocket' immediately. It's loud, warm, and has vintage written all over it. The controls are easy to use and you can dial in quite a few pleasant tones out of this amp. If you want a more hi-fi sound, you may prefer something different; but, if a classic tube-like sound is what your looking for, this is it buddy. However, if possible, you should go play as many amps as you possibly can and choose the one that sings to you. Let me know what you decide and have fun with it.
  10. rayzak


    Jan 13, 2001
    Louisville, KY
    Hey Mike, a couple other sites you may want to check out- (stands for bass gear review archive). And Go to the gear section and they have a combo amp shoot-out. They test 12 and 15 inch combos. The Ampeg B-50R is reviewed and the BA-115 (don't know why they didn't include the B-100R). Worth a look.
  11. boogiebass


    Aug 16, 2000
  12. Thanks everyone for their input on amplifier advice. (pun intended) I just ordered an Ampeg B100 R
    rocket amp due to my familiarity with Ampeg, Rayzak and Sundogue's strong promotion of Ampeg, and all the reviews posted about this amp at Harmony Central, most of which rate it at a 9 or 10 as far as sound is concerned.
    To Matthew W., Jimbassplayer and my old pal Boogie, I would love to get a Tube amp, but, for now I just wanted to get a good size practice/small gig amp without searching too long. While we're on the subject of tubes and Ampeg, at Musiciansfriend they have a 100 watt all tube Ampeg head, the V4BH 100, but, they want $899.99, and that's a lot of wood considering that I'd also have to get a bottom. If my attempts to get a band going start to bear fruit, then I'll get a rig.

    Alexander, thanks for your input on the Nemesis, it was one of the guys on my list, but, I think the Ampeg'll be more of my vibe.

    BTW, I bought it at M/F because #1) It was in stock and #2) A few weeks ago they sent me a discount coupon for 5% off; good timing.
    The amp was $479.00, less $24.00 off, = $455.99, then add $16.95 shipping for a total of $472.94
    Not bad, I'd say. It should ship tomorrow.
    Again, thanks all for your advise. Should I try to fix the Fender, or BURN IT?

    Mike J.
    Rayzak, you're the one that pushed me off the fence, thanks.
  13. Boogie, I was posting my response while your's came in! Thanks anyway, but, as I said I got a small discount and wanted to get a small size amp right away. I am starting to think about a rig though.

    Mike J.
  14. rayzak


    Jan 13, 2001
    Louisville, KY
    Hey Mike, I think you'll be very pleased with your purchase. Make sure to let me know how you like it after you have a chance to play around with it a little bit.
  15. Freakapotamus9

    Freakapotamus9 Guest

    Jun 20, 2001
    you need to be a salesman.
  16. Hey everybody, they delivered my B100R yesterday.
    (3 minutes of thundering applause) I didn't get a chance to really check it out yet, but, I did fool around with it for a while last night. All I can say is that I AM DELIGHTED! It sounds so good. I wasn't used to the gain control and didn't have it up high enough 'till it was time to go to bed, but, I'm going to put it through its paces this weekend.

    Thanks to everyone who responded to this thread, and especially to "Ampeg salesman Rayzak."

    Mike J.
    After I really get aquainted with it, I'll post a review at Harmony Central:cool: