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    I accidentally posted this in the DB equivalent of this forum, so apologies for a double post.

    Hello all. Longtime player. Looking to redesign my rig. I own and love several bass preamp pedals, and decided that using those partnered with a high powered, clean, quiet power amp would be the best bet for my rig.

    I've seen some pedal-sized amplifiers out there, but since I carry a small rack anyway for my current amp head and to send power to my pedal board, a small rack mounted suggestion would be great too.

    Any suggestions for lightweight, powerful, clean (uncolored) sounding power amplifiers that could serve this purpose, I'd love to know. Not sure exactly how powerful an amp I'd need, but let's say between 500 - 1000 Watts to limit choices. Thank you all in advance for any suggestions you might offer!
  2. Crown XLS Drivecore 2

    pick the power range needed
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    You might want to list the preamp pedals you intend to use before you make a purchase. Some pedals marketed as preamp pedals are not actually capable of driving a power amp, and for others you might need to pay attention to the input sensitivity of the potential power amps to see if they match up well enough.

    I can't comment directly on lightweight options since I'm still mainly using heavier power amps myself, aside from a brief stint with a Class D power amp from Carvin that did not fit the bill for me.
  4. ^ good point. One of the beauties of the XLS is you can adjust its input sensitivity for sources with low output, run bridged mono, etc.
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