Advice regarding wood choice for first build

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    Jul 14, 2017
    Hello fellow Bass-heads!

    So during my personal journey for the perfect instrument I've finally gotten to the point where I'm willing to try to make my own Bass.

    I have little to no personal experience with woodworking so I'm trying to keep the first one as simple as possible.

    With that being said I don't plan on making it too easy for myself either.

    Lately I've been getting into primus so naturally Les Claypools 4 sting basses caught my eye.

    I plan on making my first build a Carl Thompson inspired scroll Bass , specifically this ct I found I one of the classified here (above) . And with a couple of personal tweaks aswell such as 30in scale length.

    As such here my current draft of ideas for the bass:
    Ct inspired scroll body
    Recycled 30in scale neck(bolt on, 22 frets)
    Single emg35dc in bridge or "sweet spot" position (thinking music man style)
    3 band emg btc preamp
    Bass body wood is undetermined yet
    Hipshot ultra lite tuners
    Hipshot kickass bridge

    I've actually planning on recycling the neck of my current shortscale ( a pignose pgb-200) which has a neck that I've found to be very comfortable to play.

    So essentially the real work will be in the construction of the guitar body.

    In terms of the body I'm quite torn on what kind of wood to use, I currently live in south east Asia so all the traditional woods I would have to go out of my way to import, and looking at the shipping prices it simply isn't worth it.

    As such I'm planing to stick to local woods and body blanks from a local carpentry/ woodworking enthusiast store.

    The woods they have available are Jelutong, hard ash, red nyatoh, African mahogany and walnut.

    Currently I'm leaning towards Jelutong for the guitar body. I've read good things about it's workability and weight, and I don't dislike it's creamy white Colour either. I have plan on having a natural finish aswell. With that being said I find a plain body to be boring so I plan to use a contrasting coloured wood for the top routes control plate and maybe some veneer of the same wood on the headstock, I'm thinking of red nyatoh or cherrywood though I'm unsure of these would clash with the dark rosewood fingerboard.
    Anyone have any advice regarding something like this?

    Some questions I have for the more experienced Builders would be , how to make sure that the instrument balences correctly in both sitting and standing positions.

    I plan on making a build log thread aswell to share my progress.

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