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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Joey_three, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. Joey_three


    Mar 20, 2005
    I have seen a washburn t24 for 169 pounds = about $260.I was wondering was it worth it and what was the sound out of it?
    TY :bassist:
  2. dave120


    Jun 27, 2005
    Central Florida
    That's a pretty good price. I paid about $300 USD for mine. Overall it's a really nice bass, Mahogany body thats comfortable to play, neck through, 24 frets, and is one of the easiest basses to play that I've ever tried. Try it out and see if you like the sound.

    The problem is, you can't change the pickups. Well, I guess you CAN, it just wouldn't be easy and none of us T24 owners here on TB have found a way to do it yet. The pups aren't standard jazz pickup sizes, they're about a half an inch wider, so most replacement pickups won't fit in there. That's the only thing that's been bothering me with it. Other than that, it's a great bass with a pretty good sound from the stock pups. It's pretty dark and punchy sounding, great for dropped D rock.
  3. iriegnome

    iriegnome Bassstar style Supporting Member

    Nov 23, 2001
    Kenosha, WI 53140
    I don't mean to sound like an idiot, but if you paid 169 pounds for it, yours was worth 169. What I have seen with Washburn is that the price varies wildly depending on if the person buying it really wants it. Check Sleeze Bay for closed auctions for the T-24. There are alot of them that go unsold and a few that go right away. Prices are whole dependant upon how badly do you want this? On average what you paid is a good price, though. :rollno:
  4. Holy necrothread, I know, haha, but could a 5 string set of J's be used to replace the stock pickups instead?
  5. iriegnome

    iriegnome Bassstar style Supporting Member

    Nov 23, 2001
    Kenosha, WI 53140
    Ha!! A 11 year old thread.. Wow.. Yes, they interchange but only on post CBS basses:roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:
  6. On the Taurus T-24, right?