advise on moving from a 4x10 to a 2x10

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  1. jkzfixme


    Jul 8, 2013
    I have a Genz Benz Shuttle 9.0 which cranks out 500W/8 ohms; 900W/4 ohms and sounds amazing. I am currently on a Behringer BB410 which does the job and sounds OK but is heavy and no longer fits in my trunk since I traded in my car ! any advise on a 2x10 rig that will still push some air and sounds good with my 5 string ?

    I have seen alot of good reviews on the Eden D210XST but haven't had a chance to play one.

    it will see action in small to medium sized clubs and bars
  2. What is your budget, what kind of tone are you looking for, and how loud do you need to be?
  3. The other one by Eden is the XLT but the XST is supposed to be best for lower tones. Depending on your budget, you may want to look at more boutique options (Fearful, Fearless, Baer which may not be always 2x10 configurations but will kick booty and may not be much bigger or heavier than a commercial 2x10).
  4. I own five D210XST's. They're good cabs.
  5. Mystic Michael

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    Apr 1, 2004
    New York, NY
    It has to be a 2x10? No other format will do? :meh:

    OK. Since you haven't cited a price range or budget, I'll just assume that the field is wide open:

    Acme Sound Low B2
    Euphonic Audio NL210
    Eden D210XST
    AccuGroove Tri210L (discontinued but may be available on the aftermarket)
    Mesa Powerhouse 210
    Peavey 210TVX (also discontinued)
    Wayne Jones 210

  6. BassmanPaul

    BassmanPaul Inactive

    I use the 2x10 format (Acme B2) but I'd never dream of playing a gig with just one. A pair in a vertical stack work very well for me.
  7. jkzfixme


    Jul 8, 2013
    I was thinking somewhere along the lines of a grand + or - a couple hundred bucks. I was thinking 2x10 for portability sake. Am I barking up the wrong tree ?
  8. Mystic Michael

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    Apr 1, 2004
    New York, NY
    Your budget is fine - depending on which particular cab you select, and on whether you can afford a new one, or have to purchase a used one.

    The question is one of volume - and how loud you need to get. For a full band, a single 2x10 will suffice - only if everyone is very disciplined about not playing too loudly, and/or you will always have PA support. Otherwise, it isn't a reasonable solution, and you should consider a pair of 2x10 cabs instead. Fortunately, your Shuttle 9.0 should be more than up to the task.

  9. RickenBoogie


    Jul 22, 2007
    Dallas, TX
    +1 expecting a similar volume level out of HALF the amount of spkrs seems a bit unrealistic. Maybe you should be looking at 2x12's, or a pair of 2x10's.
  10. +1

    There are "210's" out there that can get you into the same volume range as a 410, but they use expensive 3010LF drivers cross over to a mid range driver. Going to burst your budget I would think.

    I am still waiting for the OP to come back and tell us how loud he really needs to be.
  11. Broadstbully22


    Dec 5, 2011
    Best of both worlds. Sound, volume, flexibility, toughness and under a grand.
  12. I'd measure and see if an ampeg 410he will fit. Its a sealed cab thats not crazy expensive and other than the swr marcus miller 410 its the smallest 410 I know of. Ive actually fit two of them in my mitsubishi lancer. One in the trunk and one in the back seat next to my rack.

    I wouldn't reccomend a 210. My issue with them is for one your going to sacrafice performance, but the biggest reason is the portability factor is misleading. A 410 with 4 wheels is easier to move than deadlifting a 210 everywhere. I also stack a heavy rack on top of mine which I would also have to carry. With a bass in a gigbag its a one trip load in.
  13. BassmanPaul

    BassmanPaul Inactive

    If you stack those on their sides with the woofers vertically aligned you'll get much better dispersion than you will as pictured. Just an observation. :)
  14. jkzfixme


    Jul 8, 2013
    how loud is loud enough = / We are doing some pretty bass centric stuff and are only a 3 piece so I need to push alot of air to keep us sounding full. That being said 9 out of 10 gigs are small bars. I was thinking of jacking into the PA to compensate or if need be buy another 2x10. The main drive behind this is that I traded in my Cadillac for an infinity and my 4x10 doesnt fit in the trunk ! I figured it might save me some back pain as well. I am intrigued by the 3010LF speakers. What cabs use them ?
  15. Broadstbully22


    Dec 5, 2011
    I tried it and did notice a difference. But most of the time I put them side by side with our board on top of them. Just for convenience.
  16. xander8280


    Dec 29, 2011
    I love 12" speakers for bass. Go for a 2x12, might help with your 5th string man.
  17. Broadstbully22


    Dec 5, 2011
    This is my stage setup I've been running lately. These combos also make good tables. Lol.
  18. derrico1

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    Apr 12, 2005
    Charlottesville, VA
    +1. I can get by on a lot of gigs with a well designed 212 sporting high-excursion drivers, but I haven't played a 210 I feel entirely comfortable with beyond low-volume gigs.
  19. iualum


    Apr 9, 2004
    No mass-marketed commercially available cab uses them to my knowledge. The only box I know that does use them is the fEARless 210. Magnificent cab (reportedly, & sure it is). But pricey.

    Look for a used 15/6 (w/3015LF). About the same size overall dimensions as a 210. Massive displacement, more than any commercially available 410. This would be my personal choice :hyper: . The used box I mentioned will be less bucks (so why not go that route first, at least), but with your stated budget, there's an excellent builder who could do a brand new 15/6 with bread leftover. PM if you want to know more. Lite-3015lf-1.htm

    A 12/6 (w/3012LF) could do the trick, too, but it'll probably be about the same coin as a 15/6. Here's one to consider... . And another...
  20. Ukiah Bass

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    May 10, 2006
    And here is the aforementioned, amazing, Fearless 210. Weighs about 47 pounds and gets as loud as a good 410. The Fender Aerodyne Jazz bass is for sale, BTW.