AE410 vs NV610

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  1. I want to get an NV610, but the AE410 is pretty close in price, and its nice and light compared to the NV610.

    Can the AE410 pull off a good vintagey overdrive sound like the NV610(presumably) can?
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    Jan 22, 2010
    Bergantino cabs will basically produce what you put in them with a good deal of flexibility.. You will need to tame the high- mids some and maybe cut some highs for what you are after, but I have little doubt that you can make it happen....
    I've tinkered with my AE410 and it will produce just about anything you put in it.........
    everything is relative of course and subject to other opinions and different experiences of course.....
    keep in mind that there's typically a different feel and authority between ceramic and neo designs......maybe not huge, but some difference in how they respond........where they hit you and how they hit you
    remember, I am not knocking neos, as I still own one...:D
    great sounding cab with booty:bassist:
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    The AE and NV series cabs sound a good bit different from each other, and they were designed that way. The NV series (New Vintage) are sealed enclosures, with no tweeter, and they are designed to produce a tight, punchy, meaty vintage tone (but with greater articulation than most "vintage" cabs). The AE series (Advanced Engineering) are ported enclosures, using neodymium-based drivers, have tweeters, and are designed to produce a full range signal with a fairly balanced presentation. The AE410 happens to be a bit more aggressive in the upper mids, as well.

    That being said, you can get the AE410 to sound more "vintage" by tweaking your EQ, but it really isn't designed to do the same thing as the NV610. The HS410 can actually get closer to the sound of the NV610, but still doesn't have the same visceral impact, IME/IMHO.

    As always, YMMV.