SOLD AER Basic Performer bass combo

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    20180301_172143.jpg 20180301_172128.jpg Used , but in very good condition. Comes with cover. Four 8" dual cone speakers , each has it own 60 watt amp. This combo is aimed at standup users, but works with regular electric bass as well.
    The main feature of this amp is the natural sound quality. It does a beautiful job with standup.
    It is not an overly loud amp.

    Back on the market again .

    Twin channel acoustic amplifier for low range. Hybrid 4 x 60 w / 4 ohm, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, dynamic control, 4 x 8"-twin cone speaker system. effect loop, tuner,- line, headphones, DI-out, AUX in.

    The Basic Performer offers superior coverage for the critical mid-range and still has got enough substance in the treble range. Four 8"-twin-cone speaker systems which are separately powered by four 60 W power amps in a special bandpass/bassreflex cabinet provide for the required surface area and sound pressure to also reproduce the lowest frequencies. The sound characteristics are full range, open, light and are thus appropriate for far more instruments than the bass or bass-related instruments such as harp, cello, accordion.
    BTW The pieces of red tape are just to lead me to Line Out and Tuner jacks in low light .

    The amp weighs 50 lbs , so shipping will not be cheap.

    Only trades considered would be for 1970s Acoustic Control bass gear. 370 etc .

    These are hard to find used. Located in Eastern Canada .

    Price is in US dollars.
    20180301_172128.jpg 20180301_172143.jpg 20180301_172203.jpg 20180301_172222.jpg 20180301_172235.jpg