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Aero & Lindy Fralin J-Pickups

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Saint, Sep 13, 2000.

  1. Saint


    Mar 2, 2000
    DC - USA
    I've read some really encouraging reviews of these and I'm wondering if anyone has experience with either of them, particularly with a fretless bass.

  2. slam

    slam Guest

    Mar 22, 2000
    Fralin pickups are great. I have them in my P-bass and it sounds rich and thick and just generally wonderful. I also had Lindy Fralin rewind the pups in my Ric and it sounded much better afterwards. Clear as a bell. You can't go wrong with them IMO. Worth every penny (and the wait).
  3. lump


    Jan 17, 2000
    St. Neots, UK
    I just ordered a set of AERO Instrument pickups for my Carvin. [Some of the following was in a thread I deleted, but since no one reads anything in the Pickups forum anyway, I doubt you'll notice. And if you post something in the Pickups forum and no one reads it, is it really there?] I originally tried to contact Lane Poor, but I couldn't get any kind of response via e-mail, and I didn't want to have to call MA from Korea. So, I rechecked the BP Mag J-Bass Replacement Pickup Shootout article, saw the very positive reviews of AERO (Top Tone Award) and thought I'd give them a shot. When I checked their website, http://www.aeroinstrument.com/, and saw that they were located about five miles away from my home in So. Cal., I figured it was meant to be.

    So, I emailed AERO, and got an immediate response from Larry Pollack, who I think IS AERO Instrument (like Lane Poor). He was very patient, and helped me out more than he probably wanted to for one measly set of pickups. Since the Carvin string spacing is narrower than on a Fender, we decided the best course would be to have a set custom made, to ensure the pole pieces would line up correctly. It's gonna set me back about $250 with postage, and take about a month to make, but I'll end up with a set of pickups designed specifically for MY bass. So, assuming I manage to get them installed without breaking something or immolating myself with the soldering iron (all installation tips are appreciated), look for a review here. In a way, I'm kinda hoping there isn't a huge difference between them and the J99s I have now, because I do like their sound, and will feel like a boob if there is a huge improvement. But since I'll have spent 250 bucks and waited a month, I'll no doubt rave about how much better the AEROs are than the Carvins. I'll try to keep it objective though.

    But so far, the service at AERO has been outstanding, especially when you consider I live 10,000 miles away. I'll let you know how it goes.
  4. lump


    Jan 17, 2000
    St. Neots, UK
    Woo hoo! The new pickups are on the way. Now if I could just find a friggin' soldering iron over here...
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  5. Babs


    May 5, 2000
    Sandy Utah
    I have been waiting on some LP for 9 months now but I am not waiting any longer I am going with Aeros and IN 2 weeks I will be a happy man, Just get them
  6. lump


    Jan 17, 2000
    St. Neots, UK
    Well, now that I've got my noise problems solved (mostly), I figured I oughta finish this up this little saga.

    First of all, the installation was pretty easy, although I had to do a little modification. Because the AEROs are a little taller than the Carvins, I had to cut the little rubber "shocks" under the pickups (used to adjust the pup height) in half so they'd sit properly. I also had to put foam under the pups (a couple of my wife's make-up sponges - don't tell anyone) to keep the guts elevated within the covers (the covers aren't attached to the innards in any way, which I found a tad disconcerting). But once I got that accomplished, they fit fine, and the strings line up perfectly between the pole pieces.

    Playing up higher on the neck (when I start noodling, it tends to be at about the 10th fret), my intial impression was that they DIDN'T really sound much different from the old pups (DOH!). But that changed when I moved down below the fifth fret - you could REALLY hear a difference in tone. And the difference in the open strings is HUGE. They have a much fuller tone; the lows are much deeper and make the highs sound much less tinny. Overall, they have a much more open, throaty tone. And they really bring the preamp to life. I played passive most of the time before, mainly because I preferred the tone, but also because the preamp didn't shape the tone THAT much, other than adding lows. But now the preamp and tone controls seem much more responsive, so I'm finding myself playing active the majority of the time now. Do they make my Carvin sound like a '62 J-bass? No, it still sounds like a Carvin. But I happen to like the Carvin sound, and they do add a lot more character and fullness to it.

    The only negative in the whole process is added noise (my struggles with which are the "Electronics experts - help!" thread), which if you are recording, would be a problem. And like I said there, the only place it has been a problem has been at home, where I am assaulted by constant EMI (not to mention foul odors). For those folks who want ZERO noise, these pickups (or any other single-coil pups) are probably not for you. But so far, I'm digging them.

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