Aerodyne blues

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  1. So I went to a local GC (I know, I should know better...) on my lunch break the other day, and lo and behold, there, hanging on the wall, was a NEW Fender Aerodyne. My fave model with the jack on the front (is that a "Strat jack"?). I'd never played one, but have always gassed for one, so I retrieved it from its perch and plugged 'er in. One of the things I do, after attempting to tune it, when trying out a new-to-me bass, is to go through the strings one by one, fret by fret, listening to each note to see how it rings.

    For some reason, I had hoped that the dreaded 5th fret G string deadness wouldn't be there. Alas, it was. The A on the D string was pretty dull as well. I continued to put it through its paces, and frankly, it was OK. I have no idea what the strings were, probably whatever Fender puts on them before shipping.

    It won't budge $800+ from my bank account, though. Nice ax, I think I'll hang for a used one. Bummer.

    JOOC, would other/different strings help the dead notes? Anyone have experience with this on their Aerodynes? I really wanted to like it.... Darn GAS.
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    Honestly, dead notes don't give me much pause for concern. I can't think of a single song I've learned, or are in the process of learning, that keeps me lingering long enough on those notes for it to even register. Even with it's rapid decay, I've usually moved on to other notes and positions before it could be a problem. And if it just so happened that a song demanded I sustain such a note for an extended number of beats, there's at least one corresponding note further up the fretboard that I can rely upon. ;)

    Some say switching to a set of strings with noticeably different tension can either diminish and/or move dead notes. Also, I've heard talk of "Fat Fingers" being clamped onto headstocks to alleviate them…something to do with adding a bit of mass to the blah-blah-physics-blah. If that is indeed the case, I wonder if it's possible that the Hipshot Drop-D tuner I added to my 'Dyne has spawned the same results. hmm_zpsjrfywaas.gif

    All that aside, I can understand the GAS. For me and many others, it's not just a bass, it's a Work of Art. Personally, I love their necks design specs. I've already snatched one Aerodyne neck for my main parts-bass. If I could swing it, most of my basses would be wearing Aerodyne necks. :thumbsup:

    Keep an eye out for used Aerodynes. Nowadays, they usually go for $600-ish on places like Guitar Center's used database, but sometimes one pops up for around $500+shipping.