Aerosmith/ Cheap Trick June 22 in Chicago

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  1. Hey Chicago area TBer's,
    My fiancee and I have tickets for the above concert.
    Ive driven through but never visited Chicago.
    With the concert on a friday we are planning to stay the weekend.
    Simply put, what to do for the weekend?
    Got to be some decent things to do in the windy city.
    Any suggestions on live blues and jazz clubs, nice restaurants, etc?
    Anyone else attending the concert?
    Feel free to pm or email me, it would be cool to meet fellow TBer's
    if possible.

  2. steamthief


    Jan 25, 2006
    Mentone Beach
    I'd check out the Museum of Science and Industry if I had the time. Also, if the Cubs are in town that weekend, take in a game at Wrigley.
  3. Thanx man, we'll have to check the museum out.
    I was hoping the Tigers would be in town playing the Sox, but it's not on the schedule.
    Now to get something going in the night life vein.