"Affluenza" a legal defense for killing 4 people?

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    He killed four people while being underage but 3 x's over the legal limit of intoxication. The "Affluenza" defense leads me to believe that his legal team felt that since his parents were rich, he had an entitlement mindset. This was not his fault allegedly, but his parents fault. They were to blame for not raising him "with limits."
    I think it's BS.. He killed 4 people, 1 other is paralyzed, and another suffered major injuries. Put him in prison. Today's youth are showing they are all suffering from a sense of entitlement. 10 years probation is an insult..
  3. "Let's face it ... There needs to be some justice here," Eric Boyles, who lost his wife and daughter, told CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday night.

    "For 25 weeks, I've been going through a healing process. And so when the verdict came out, I mean, my immediate reaction is -- I'm back to Week 1. We have accomplished nothing here. My healing process is out the window," he said."

    Would he feel happier if the guy got executed?
  4. No, but this little brat getting away with a slap on the wrist is an additional kick in the teeth, to say the least.
  5. I don't know. Depends on the terms of the probation. He's underage so he couldn't have gone to jail, and it is the parents' fault. Don't forget he's going to have to take 2 years of therapy without having contacts with his parents.
    The way the victim's relative talks about this really rubs me off the wrong way.
  6. Hoof it gramps. :mad:

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  7. Wouldn't you if a drunk 16 yr old killed your wife and daughter, along with 2 others and paralyzed another? He at least deserves life behind bars and execution would be a lot cheaper. Call me extreme but being drunk and entitled sure doesn't seem like a good excuse to me. I have no pity for drunk drivers, 16 or not. He has ruined the lives of multiple families and will be free to do it again. Yet here in Illinois your third offense of throwing a cigarette out the window is a felony (starting Jan 1st.)
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    Some are, some always have and some always will. Your generation will have been the exact same.
  9. Most of the scumbags in my hometown had scumbag parents, so their actions wouldn't be their fault either, though they were all poor, so it's different.

    There are plenty juvenile facilities and at 16 he could probably be tried as an adult. Keep in mind, this apparently wasn't his first offence...
  10. No, I wouldn't.

    I understand your point and agree. This shouldn't happen only when rich people are involved.
  11. Honestly I'd execute myself if I were the drunk scumbag that killed 4 people.
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    You're way too old to get offended by his statement, gramps.
  13. giphy.
  14. I probably would too.
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    If he is indeed "too privileged to know better" then letting him off with probation is hardly going to help him learn, is it?
  16. Exactly.

    "We'll teach him that wealth can't buy your way out of trouble by using your parent's wealth to buy your way out of trouble."
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    If a crime is serious enough, a minor can go to prison and if someone is responsible for someone's death because they drove when drunk, it's usually called 'vehicular homicide'. This kid needs more than probation and the possibility that his parents are dirtbags doesn't absolve him of anything, IMO. I knew kids whose parents were pretty bad and they weren't bad kids, although, growing up, I seriously doubt any of us heard all of the details. OTOH, a lot of the kids form my high school came from very wealthy families and they got into as much trouble, if not more, than anyone else. Drug use and drinking were rampant and several were involved in smaller crimes. One led a band of thieves who would break into homes and steal valuables, then sell them. His grandfather founded one of the oldest Ford dealerships in the state and he seemed like a good kid, at school. Most of this stuff came from exactly what this kid's lawyer stated- their parents didn't instill the right values, didn't usually discipline them and instead of spending time with them, would give them money and tell them to have a good time. The number of kids from my high school who committed suicide or were involved in heavy drug use is incredible.

    A person makes decisions to be a good person, or not. If they can't stop themselves frm doing bad things, they need attention WRT their mental health.
  18. The affluenza shot causes autism!!!!!!
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    Get outta here Jenny!
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