Affordable 5 or 6 string fretless?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by MCMOA, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. MCMOA


    Nov 21, 2005
    Hello all! This is my first post here, although I have been reading the boards for some time now.

    I am looking to buy an affordable 5 or 6 string fretless, with fret lines. I have it narrowed down to 3, although I am open to other suggestions.

    1. Brice Prestige Z 6 string fretless (assuming it has fret lines, the site doesn't say)

    2. Entry level Lakland 5 string (forget the model number)

    3. Conklin Groove Tools 5 string

    I am leaning towards the Brice, as I have yet to hear anyting seriously bad about them and you can't beat the price. The Groove tools sounds nice, but is a bit on the high end of my budget.

    Anyone have any advice?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. skewh


    Sep 5, 2005
    Ithaca, NY
    I once owned an
  3. skewh


    Sep 5, 2005
    Ithaca, NY
    I once owned an SX 5-string fretless, and for around $150 (closer to $200 with setup, strings, etc.) it is a very nice backup fretless, though I wouldn't recommend it as a main axe.
  4. Ed Goode

    Ed Goode Jersey to Georgia

    Nov 4, 2004
    Acworth, GA
    The Brice (Korean made) is not an SX (Chinese made) bass, it's several steps above the SX in quality. To the best of my knowledge, the Brice Z6NT fretless is lined. It's a very wide neck for a 6, and the body is sizeable (similar to a Fender J).

    IMO, the GT is a better constructed bass than the Brice. That's not to say that the Brice is a poor choice, it's a whole lot of bass for the money. I have zero experience with Lakland.
  5. Dr. Cheese

    Dr. Cheese Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 3, 2004
    Metro St. Louis
    I think Dean makes some really nice multistring fretlesses. They have really nice build quality and I wouoldn't mind one right now!
  6. Snarf

    Snarf Supporting Member

    Jan 23, 2005
    I have a GT4. Very solid, well-constructed bass, though I think my neck in particular could stand more relief, though the neck won't support it. Basically, it's totally functional except that I can't tap on it. The electronics on the 5 stringers are much superior to the GT4, too. I'd say go for the Conklin.