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Affordable "gritty/edgy" fuzz pedals?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Modern Growl, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. I've come to appreciate that I like the more vintage, aggressive fuzzes.

    Black Cat Octave Fuzz, Lovetone Big cheese, etc... type tone. Opposite of warm/creamy.

    Similar to this:

    Im not on the up and up on terms, but looking for something less synthy... a fuzz that has hard "space" in its character.

    However Im having a hard time finding these pedals, and some (Lovetone) cost alot.

    Anything out there that is similar, accessable and affordable? ($150 ish) ?

    I looked at the BlowTorch and like the flexibility, but not sure the tone is exactly what Im after.
  2. Road Bull

    Road Bull

    Jul 24, 2011
    Seattle, WA.
    The MXR Bass Fuzz Deluxe is pretty nice. Cool tones, blendable wet/dry settings, won't break the bank.

  3. ^ that was one I found to be a bit "creamy" sounding... looking for more "bite".
  4. Road Bull

    Road Bull

    Jul 24, 2011
    Seattle, WA.
    Right on. Well, now we understand what you are not looking for. How do you feel about the usual suspect pedals? Iron Eithers and other popular pedals?
  5. Stretchhh


    Jan 10, 2012
    WA, Australia
    Check out the fuzzrocious range of pedals as they are amazing alone and mixed with others. Iron ether is another brand to try.
  6. Just heard clips of the Oxide - not that amazing... and I don't need a gate / synthy sound.

    Hate to use this as it seems its used a lot - but I'm looking for that "Radiohead" tone - but with a pedal that has a bit more control over the tone overall...
  7. if you're handy with a soldering iron, you can build a Bazz Fuss for under $20 and they sound great
  8. birdman14


    Feb 7, 2011
    How about a wattson fy-2 fuzz? It is a copy of the Shin-ei Companion FY-2 that Colin uses on Myxomatosis, which you can distinctively hear on the in the basement sessions for in rainbows. Also, here is a video for comparison for the wattson fy-2 fuzz . Skip to 2:00 for the bass.
  9. aens_wife

    aens_wife Commercial User

    Jun 14, 2011
    Co-owner, Dwarfcraft Devices
    Devi Ever makes some stuff in the $100 range that you might like. I know she has a store on etsy where you can buy direct.
  10. wow - this does sound promising... wish it had a bit more flexibility, but i like the overall breakup of the fuzz

  11. rratajski

    rratajski Commercial User

    Jul 1, 2008
    Mount Laurel, NJ
    She has a TON of pedals to pick from! You can find sooooooomething from her catalog to get you what you want. If you can solder, check out General Guitar Gadgets for cheap, affordable options too. They have the shin-ei companion fuzz clone there too.
  12. Thanks - and yes, I can solder pretty well.

    Looks like the Devi Ever Bass Fuzz is discontinued - and Mountainking Electronics Magnetar somehow has its core tone??

    I want THAT tone... I looked at other Devi Ever pedals like the Ruiner - but none hit me like the Bass Fuzz / Magnetar.

    Anyway to get that tone without dropping over $200, and perhaps a smaller box layout?
  13. Laurent

    Laurent Supporting Member

    May 21, 2008
    Napa, California
    A couple of thouhgts: MXR Blowtorch is not a fuzz per se but it get in that territory and it's very aggressive. Also the Frantone Bassweet can get there as well.
  14. Yeah, I'm starting to rule out the Blow Torch...

    I'm really looking for that Devi Ever Bass Fuzz tone - love that... wow.

    Anything out there similar from Devi
  15. The Devi Bass Fuzz was renamed to the Supermassive Black Hole at one point, but that too was discontinued. The circuit was designed by Mountainking, and he had licensed to Devi for a while. Once it reverted to him, he now builds that same circuit as the Magnetar, but he added a lot more control.

    If that's the sound you want, you're going to have to search around for either the Devi Bass Fuzz, the SMBH, or save up for a Magnetar. I've honestly never heard another fuzz that sounds like it. I know that there are at least a few of them floating around over at ilovefuzz.com, you might want to post a wanted thread over there.
  16. Laurent

    Laurent Supporting Member

    May 21, 2008
    Napa, California
    Also Watson Electronics FY-2, built after the Shin-ei FY2.
    I have been using one for several month and it's quite a unique pedal.
  17. Bassmike62

    Bassmike62 GAS resistance is utterly futile... Supporting Member

    I've had the BT for about 6 months. Not really working out as fuzz (for me) because of a nasally tone, but sounds much better as an OD. Main thing is to keep the torch off.

    For fuzz, Swollen Pickle is doing it for me.
  18. FilterFunk

    FilterFunk Everything is on the ONE! Supporting Member

    Mar 31, 2010
    Biyang FZ-10 Fuzz Star. About $60 new, hard-edged, not at all synthy, and retains low end nicely, IME. Surprisingly good!
  19. wmhill


    Aug 20, 2012
    upstate NY
    MTD basses endorsed artist Bartolini pickups emerging artist TECAMP bass players gear endorsed
    I've had a Digitech bass driver for 5 years. Good variety of tones from, gentle tubey breakup to full out fuzz. Never had an issue and sells for well under $100 new. I'm not to big a fan of digitech stuff, but i tried the boss, hartke, and MXR before i bought it.


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