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  1. So, I'm playing my second show back in 10 months with my band at the weekend, head is working beautifully, get it right up to the end of the set, take my bass off my shoulders, make it face the cab and get this collosal low end feedback which sounds great, then just as I'm about to turn it off, it dies.

    The whole gig, I'm running the master at 3 and at the end, someone has turned the master up to 10 without me noticing. it was a floor space show with people standing all around me).

    so basically what has happened?

    symptoms are...
    A Very thin distorted and quiet signal passing through but that is it.

    The amp still turns on and comes off of standby completely fine without blowing fuses, and al the valves light up normally, the fan still comes on, but nothing. I plugged my guitarists head into my 8x10 and its not the cab that is broken.

    The head is already at the techs place, but just wondering if anyone has had this problem before?

    He thought it was very strange.

  2. Basslice

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    Master accidentally turned up to 10? You forced it to feedback on purpose?

    Did you smell it when it fried? If there was a section at on how to cook an amp, the description you gave would be a good example.

    I don't think any amp (or speaker enclosure for that matter) is designed to take that kind of abuse.
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    Piece of junk!!!! It pains me to hear bass playing brethren suffering from multiple instances of crappy hardware. Send it to me, and I'll make it deserve.

    :D :p

    Seriously, that sucks. At least the cab didn't blow as well, though. Nice boomy feedback with the master set at 10? Count yer lucky stars that no airplanes or satellites dropped on account of the awesomeness.
  4. Visirale


    Mar 23, 2003
    I remember I was at a jazz camp with my mesa 400 (yeah a stingray and a mesa... interesting jazz combo) and someone had gotten a hold of my head and dimed the gain and the master.



    And the fuse blew...
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    Current overload sounds like to me.

    I would test the power tubes. ALso, check for that infamous nasty burnt resistor smell. You'll know it when you smell it.

    If it keeps blowing fuses, then get the power supply looked at, filter caps and power resistors could be bad.

    Also have them look at the preamp tubes, though these might be okay.

    Mesa cooks their tubes at 400 volts or more if they can get away with it, it makes the tubes run very linear, but also puts stress on them. I had to repair the same 400+ a few times.

  6. instead of being like that, maybe you could read my original post and see that I never actually turned the master up to 10, someone else did.

    everyone else, like i said, it still turns on fine and turns off of standby completely fine, no burning smell at all, no smoke, nothing. just seems like the head when it is working, except it is not giving out any output.

  7. sedan_dad


    Feb 5, 2006
    sounds like a fried power tube.
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    Scott, I am not trying to "be like that", and I realize that you did not personally turn the amp up to 10. But lets be realistic, do you really need to ask what happened to the amp given the description of what transpired?

    Accidents happen, but it seems pretty clear that if you force an amp into feedback and it shuts down and then you look you notice that it had been running full out when it blew, it would seem pretty obvious that some major damage had occured to the power output section of the amp.

    In an earlier post you described the first time that you blew the amp and that it had been played so hard that some solder had melted and shorted out some resistors.

    Some may say you got a bad amp, but others, myself included would point to abuse - whether intentional or not.

    I am not trying to be mean or discourteous, but again, given your descriptions of what you did and your question of "what happened"? I gave you my heartfelt answer - even if it is not the answer you were looking for. This is not a flame or an attack on your character.:eyebrow:
  9. what actually happened was the output transformer has melted. So there was no "abuse" given to the amp whatsoever, the amp was running like there was no speaker load attatched when their obviously was, and I cannot figure out how that can be. Neither can dennis marshall (mesa tech).

    He says I can fix it with a new output transformer, but there is only 1 left in the UK, and it is £300 which is a lot, so I'm unsure what I should do about it, amp seems to be unlucky, previous owner had problems with it too, he also burnt out some resisitors lik I did.

    Should I fix it and chance it happening again, because it is a great amp, or should I strip the amp and sell off the parts and all the tubes? Tubes are only about 4 months old and have have very little use.

  10. fix it
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    Ya, fix it, then have someone with a baseball bat stand guard for anyone who wants to mess with your amp...
  12. Just a thought. Could there be a problem with the cable that you are using to connect your head to your speakers? Perhaps a short or something that caused the amp to cease seeing any speaker load and caused the output transformer to short out?

    Not sure, just figured that I would throw that in there as a possibility. What are you using between your head and your speakers?
  13. using a speakon cable with a jack on one end. have the speakon plugged into my ampeg 8x10 and the jack side in my mesa, in the 4 ohm output jack.

    could it short out and still give out sound?

    because it sounded totally fine until the end of the set.

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    I had an early version of this amp from 20 years ago number B489 (that was burned into my memory).

    Nothing like be a kid and saving for one of these just to have it be a dog.

    It distorted with the EQ from the get go.

    Died onstage.

    It was in the shop 5 times (twice to mesa) in something like 7 months.

    Sounded great once I got it fixed (for the last time) and then I got rid of it ASAP.

    I would not use Mesa Boogie if Mesa gave me 10 400s.
  15. anyone interested in selling me a sunn valve bass amp to replace the mesa?

    absolutley NONE for sale here in the UK!
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    Aug 22, 2007
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    "someone has turned the master up to 10 without me noticing"

    How is this possible? Sell it to someone who won't abuse it.

    maybe that is how, not need to be an ass about it, the amp has not been abused in the slightest.

    thanks for the useful reply though
  18. NicJimBass

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    I believe he said it was a show, played on the floor, not a stage, so people in the audience had better access to it compared to being on stage. Having played shows like this personally, I can see it happening, although I did everything in my power to prevent it. Sometimes people do stupid things for no reason!
  19. i will also point out that the guy in the video who turns it up is not the culprit, he was a friend who turned the master up from 2 to 3.
  20. Visirale


    Mar 23, 2003
    Your music is pretty tight... you guys groove well. Nice sound too.

    Was your drummer wearing a dillinger escape plan shirt? If it's the pegacorn shirt that I think it is, I have the same shirt, haha.