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    Jan 13, 2018
    Hey there Justin! Firstly, kudos to you. You are an outstanding producer and it's been a childhood dream of mine to work with you. I'm also a massive Paramore fan so when you guys collabed for the last two albums I was of course, stoked! I just have a question for you. Your After Laughter bass lines are super sweet and groovy but I am having trouble figuring some of them out. Do you have tab/score for them anywhere??? I'd especially love Caught in the Middle or Idle Worship. Thanks for your time!
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    Mar 25, 2005
    Hello, Nate. Your heartfelt compliments are not taken lightly, so thank you very much for them! No, there's no tab or score. Maybe someday I'll sit down and play those on video or something. The problem is I just rarely have time, so it's unfortunately a low priority, as fun as it would be to share.


    Jan 13, 2018
    Wow, thank you so very much for your reply sir!! When I saw your reply I think my heart missed a beat or too. Honestly I'm still buzzing that I actually got a response but I'm trying to keep this short as we're on a forum and I'd hate to sound excitable and undignified. All the same, I am out of this world excited to have actually made contact with my bass hero. Thank you so so much. I'm trying to write tab for Forgiveness but some of the fills in the bridge are rather fast and blurry but I seem to be getting there! These songs have been such a valuable tool to me to help me learn from the best so thank you! I also really really admire your production style! Your work has inspired me to try mixing and production myself and I've found it is something I very much enjoy! This September I'm staring my Bachelors degree in Audio Engineering and Recording Arts and when I'm done I hope to move to LA and work there. I'm sorry this a little off topic but I didn't want to use your private messages as per your notice. Is there any advice you'd be so kind as a to share with someone hoping for this kind of career?
    Thank you a million times over
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