After Xmas sale.

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  1. I have a few things that just don't get any attention. :meh:

    So, here is a list of stuff...

    1) Mesa Boogie M2000 - Consider this to be in like new condition. I bought this about 2-3 years ago, took it home plugged it in, played at a low volume, and that's about it. :mad: I never gigged with it or left the house with it (small car lead to small combos). Have instructions and footpedal. $950 + shipping

    Mesa M2000 link

    2) Aphex 204 - Bought this to compliment the above amp. Same problem as above, never gigged with it. So, $165 + Shipping

    Aphex 204 link

    3) Sans Amp Bass Driver Di - Bought this for gigging use, but never took it. I recently bought a Aphex bass exciter box from this board to replace this and the Aphex 204. New in box. Bought for $189, so $140 shipped

    Sans Amp Link
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