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after years I found a sound I like !!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by leftybassdog, Oct 31, 2002.

  1. leftybassdog

    leftybassdog Senior Supporting Member

    Ok like the rest of us I looked for years to find an amp that could cover it all, in the 80s I used a svt and loved it, {not the moving it part} but then the sound changed in the mid 80s to a clean sound, working in a band I sold the svt and got a GK it was a good amp but not a sound I liked, I found SWR and was not too happy with the drive,in the 90s I went to a ampeg svt 2 but someone broke into the club we where playing at and took it, I changed to a SWR 750 in 2000 but the preamp would not overdrive, I played the 750x last week and was not real happy with it ,but I went back to the store with my 750 to get it.{ I needed overdrive }when I was there I seen the interstellar overdrive (over DRIVE{ duh }thats what I need !) I hooked it up to the 750 and wow this is the sound!!!! the total sound !clean and in your face distorted drive or just warm, I found it !!!!!!!!!! I would like to hear your amp story to find if anyone else found That amp sound,
  2. LarryJ

    LarryJ banned

    Dec 12, 1999
    Encino, CA (LA)
    Mmmmm- 750 + IOD- send it here so I can experience your joy! Nice Rig! Good Work.
    We all look for the Holy Grail for our sound, & just when we find it there are other products that come along....Damn!
    Personally, I wanted tubes, & the sound I got from my old B-15N, but with enough guts to cut through the mix, and slap, etc. I found what I wanted from Mesa-Boogie with their sadly discontinued 200-tube watt Buster 2x10, and found a matching Diesel 1x15 EVM cab- Perfect- Vintage, Thick, Killer tone, and it is taken to the max due to the great preamp on my Sterling. I'm there. Drawback-Weight!
    I found the perfect smaller room/recording rig with an Ampeg V4BH tube head & a SVT 48HE (4x8!!)
    I believe this tone can make a grown bassist cry!
    (with joy). If that were'nt enough, for rehearsal, jazz/small rooms-I have a G-K MB-150S MicroBass
    which I think is Bob Gallien's masterpiece-BUT I have added to it a Genz-Benz 1x12T and you gotta hear this to believe it-Jaws drop at the power, size, & tone-What a trip.
    Am I done? NOT! I need about $4000 for my "secret project" rack set-up & cabs.
    When I get it I will certainly post here, and be King of the World.
    Hey, thanks for letting me talk, Congrats on your great new rig!!:cool:
  3. pookeymp


    Oct 16, 2002
    Hey Leftybassdog,

    Definitely sounds like you got a killer rig...congrats. My quest for the "perfect" setup is still on. Here is my saga:

    My main rig for the past few years has been an Ampeg SVT-3Pro and a Goliath II 4x10. Absolutely loved the sound and was either playing small venues, or large ones where I was going thru house PA, so this was sufficient. The problem started when I began playing regularly at a moderately-sized church every Sunday that had no PA that could accommodate bass. My sound was still good...just didn't feel like I was filling up the place. So I added a Carvin 1x18 and a Carvin DCM1000. The SVT-3 runs my Goliath II, and I run the preamp out to the DCM1000 which runs my 18. Loving this setup, but now...since this is a regular gig, I don't want to have to move this around when gigging other places.

    So now my quest for the second rig begins. Loving the Goliath II, I figured I go SWR again...but now no more Goliath II. So I buy the Goliath III, assuming I was getting the Goliath II with more power handling. Definitely not the case. My Goliath II was so "warm and fuzzy"... but the III is very "middy" and harsh. I go and purchase another Carvin 1x18 and pick up the SWR Mo' Bass head. This combo together sounds pretty good (still couldn't touch my setup @ church) but I figured it would work. Problem is for smaller gigs where the 18 was not needed, I could not get my Goliath III to sound "warm and fuzzy" by itself.

    So...I take the Goliath to NJ Guitar & Bass Center, with the intention of trading it for the Eden 4x10 XLT. Before doing this, I hook my Goliath up to A/B it w/ the Eden, and suddenly realize that my Goliath III coupled w/ the Eden Head gave me much better tone than when hooked up with the SWR Mo' Bass...so, instead of trading my Goliath III, I wind up trading my Mo' Bass head for the Eden WP400 Preamp and the Eden WT1000 Power Amp. This combo with the Goliath and the 18 is monstrous (especially when running my Alembic Mark King thru it) and I'm very happy. When just using the Goliath, I am now happy w/ my sound (but far from being blown away by it). So I decided that my quest was not over.

    After doing much reading and based on discussions I've had w/ other bassists on the "Alembic" site and from reading numerous posts about Acme here at TalkBass, last week I ordered the Acme Low B4 and the Low B2. As I understand that they are extremely power hungry, my plan is to bridge the Eden amp to the LowB4 and run another power amp to the LowB2 (or who knows, maybe I will just pickup a stronger power amp). Andy told me they shipped today, so I guess in a week or so I can report back and see if my quest has finally ended...I'm praying.

    If this keeps up, I'll either go broke, get divorced (the wife is not too happy with all this...there's only so much I can sneek in without her knowing) or maybe both.


    P.S. Holy Moly...didn't realize I ranted on so long...sorry guys.

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