AG 500/SC or LMII?

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  1. +1 People seem to get confused on what these are. The VPF is a very traditional 'enhance' type control, and works just about the same as the one on the Thunderfunk and the contour control on the GK, etc. It's a much more usable control than, for example, the extreme 'fixed' scoop buttons on the iAmp or Shuttle amps, since you can just dial in a touch to softer and widen the voicing of a cab if desired without totally 'scooping it out' like with the preset thing.

    The VLE is best thought of as a passive tone control, very similar to the traditional Fender type tone control found on many basses. It is very useful at controlling the upper treble at low settings (almost works like a 'front of the amp' tweeter attenuator), and at higher settings starts to reduce upper mids and eventually seems to take out mid mids when cranked. Very nice for 'warming up' a zingy bass or cab, or to quickly go 'old school' using a bass without a passive tone control as part of its onboard circuitry.

    Timbre on the TF is unique to me, and the only other control like it that I've ever seen is the 'balance' control on the relatively recent Walter Woods amps. This control shifts the entire voicing of the amp toward the bass or treble side, and acts almost as a master tone control. With my relatively even cabs, I never found using that control made the amp sound better for me... mostly kept it centered. It is 'interesting' between 11 and 1 o'clock, but gets very boomy or very clanky after that. I guess it would be pretty cool if you were using very voiced cabs that needed to be pounded into balance, or if you had extreme tone goals, like a dub sort of thing or something. Very powerful control.

    IMO and IME.
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    I think the VLE rolls off all the way down to 250Hz when fully on - sounds about right to me, it's very dark turned all the way...
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    Yeah, I was referring specifically to the Thunderfunk/AMP/Gibson version of the Timbre knob, which IIRC does a tilt of the 'frequency shelf', like a see-saw. And thankfully, the TF's Enhance knob doesn't do exactly what the Eden and SWR versions do. If there was an onboard bass guitar preamp which offered the TF style Timbre function, I'd be sold. :)
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    I checked and you're right. VLE rolls off everything above 250Hz. The VPF scoops the mids at 380Hz. I'll amend my above post.