SOLD Aged Jazz Bass Hardware - T.O.G. and Q-Parts

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    Jan 6, 2004
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    Up for grabs - Selling as a SET only - Some parts I purchased for a relic style bass.

    Q-Parts, "Aged Collection" 60s style Fender bridge is lightly used. I replaced it because I decided to go with a BadAss II instead. It is set up for my 1974 Jazz Bass. The threads have a drop of clear fingernail polish on them, to keep them from spinning out. The polish can easily be broken through without any issues.

    The Jazz Bass control plate is from Tricked Out Guitars off the Bay. The piece was mounted for a visual, but not "Used" or gigged. both pieces would look great on any Jazz bass that has some nicely aged / tarnished tuning machines.

    I have screws for both pieces. I used alternate screws for the bridge, because the "Stock" bridge screws were too small for the predrilled holes.

    Again, selling as a set. PayPal is the preferred method of payment.
    Items will be well wrapped and shipped via USPS Priority Mail with Tracking.

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