SOLD Aged/Relic Gotoh FB30LP (70s Fender) Lollipop Tuning Machines and HipShot Lollipop D-Tuner.

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    I had these on my bass. Matched better with the Rosewood and white blocks neck. I switched to a Maple with Black blocks, so I decided to go back to Clovers. They all work fine. These are Nickel finished and all of the Aging was done by me. Comes with Ferrules and 12 tuner mounting screws and 4 Flat top mounting screws for the HipShot. If I find the other 4 tuner screws, I will toss them in.
    Set = 4 Tuners and 1 HipShot.
    HipShot D-Tuner SOLD

    No trade interest, but your PayPal payment gets the set shipped to your lower 48th US state via USPS Priority Mail with proper packaging and Insurance.

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