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  1. OK. If you had a DB750 would you rather run it into two GS212's or one GS212 and one GS210?

    With two GS212 cabinets would there be a possibility that it would not "cut through" enough ??

  2. IvanMike

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    Nov 10, 2002
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    i dont think a 750 would not cut thru enough in any circumstance

    it's really all a matter of personal taste. the 12" aggie gs cabs are very low end friendly, and as many have stated, they sometimes need a bit of eq to have cutting mids, (if that's what you want). The 750 does a really good job of cutting mids with a cut in the low end and the mids cranked and a bit of treble boost. The GS series 10" cabs are a totally different animal. The low end is there, but not as full as the 12" cabs. What they seem to excell in is a very agressive growly midrange with a present low mid character.

    I'd try both, and personally i wouldn't hesitate to use either setup. However, i can't imagine needing more than a 212 with that amp. The 210 might not cut it on the louder gigs, but a 212 should hang with all but the loudest gigs.
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    I'm running a GS410 and GS212 ... and I'd REALLY miss the 10s if they weren't there. Which is a drag since the 2x12 is so much lighter.

    The 2x12 by itself just doesn't have a lot of bite.

    The 4x10 is still the core of my sound.