Aggie DB751 and Ampeg PF-210

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  1. clsmooth


    Aug 12, 2011
    I'm in the process of getting rid of some stuff I don't use that much and you could benefit!

    Not looking to trade and pay pal only. Can either ship or is available to pick up in Orange County, CA (preferred).

    The following are for sale -

    Ampeg PF-210HE $279.99
    Never been gigged and I have the mounting screws and plugs for mounting a PF-500 or PF-300 too (and I guess now PF-800!) In superbly mint condition with no dings, scratches, or anything. Includes Speaker Cable, bag, and casters.

    Aguilar DB 750 Head Case 1 $122.50
    Lightly gigged, no scratches or major issues, has felt on the feet though, but easily removed.

    Aguilar DB 751 1 $1,622.59
    This thing is a beast and too much for what I need. I've never been able to turn it up past 3 on the master volume! Recently returned from the factory for a full check and tune up and tubes were replaced and are brand new. Have the original box/padding to ship in as well.

    Would be willing to sell everything to one buyer for $2k and split the cost of shipping 50/50, since the amp alone costs 60-90 bucks to send!