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    I've been doing a bunch of horse trading and ended up with this neck. I've been holding onto it cause I thought it would make a slick 5-string, short-scale bass (which it might), but who knows when I'd get around to doing that so I decided to move it along.

    It is in relatively good shape. There are some dings in the back of the neck but nothing major. The truss rods both turn and seem to be dual adjustable. With zero tension on the rods it's about dead straight, they do add and remove relief when adjusted, but I've never seen this neck under tension so I can't guarantee anything. There is a slight separation of the joint between 2 of the 3 pieces of maple at the heel. It doesn't move or open, but if I were to use this I'd address it just to be safe.

    Here's a bunch of pics, let me know if you have questions. Price is including shipping to the continental US, I would also ship to Canada (would have to explore the costs), but thats about it, no overseas shipping.

    Polish_20200719_082311662.jpg Polish_20200719_082311662.jpg Polish_20200719_082233839.jpg Polish_20200719_082211425.jpg Polish_20200719_082044642.jpg Polish_20200719_081905683.jpg

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