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Agile HE-30B Acoustic Bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by egotistical, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. well i took a trip to rondo music today to get a guitar case and while i was there i played a few things, most notably the agile acoustic bass... ive seen questions about this bass a few times here without a lot of feedback so here are my observations of it:
    1) it looks a lot nicer in person than it does on the website, with the exception of the headstock which is a lil funky, but not a real issue
    2) its body and neck are significantly thinner than any other acoustic basses that ive played before... this is a huge plus in my book because i hate the typical big bulky acoustics with baseball bat necks
    3) some people have commented that the bass isnt very loud unplugged... well this is partially true, its not VERY loud... but its more than sufficient, and i didnt notice any real difference in acoustic volume between this bass and a more expensive, larger bodied ibanez acoustic bass that i played right after the agile
    4) it sounded very good, much much better than i had expected
    5) to sum things up, this bass exceeded my expectations by far, after reading a few reviews i had decided not to get one, after actually playing one in person i have decided that i will probably be buying one in the future

    other notes:
    while i was there i played the following other basses, here are some brief impressions of them

    douglas p-bass and douglas jazz bass - these basses looked ok and when i saw the price of 80 bucks i was compelled to try them... the difference between the 2 was huge, the p had the action so high i could probably have slid a pencil under the strings, the j had action so low that the strings were resting on the frets so that the bottom fret was in direct contact with the strings... plus the jazz bass had a neck that felt more like a p than a j... id skip these unless you can do a good setup yourself

    brice douglas 4 string - contrary to what a lot of people have said about the swamp ash, this bass didnt feel heavy at all, it played great and the finish was nicer looking than the bass on rondos site, i also noticed that this particular bass had a route going through the pickguard to give access to the truss rod... similar to the mod that a lot of people do to their geddy lee basses... i dont know if this was a used bass or not, but i found that kind of interesting

    brice v2 6 string fretted - it looked pretty nice and felt ok, but im not a six stringer at all and i put it down really quickly

    brice hxb-406 - again, im not a 6 stringer but this bass felt good and had a nice finish to it... the setup was suspect however and the action was far too low

    anyway those are the impressions i had from my visit, take them for what they are worth... i didnt get a chance to plug in any of the basses because i knew i wasnt going to buy any... or should i say, i didnt want to plug them in and be pleasantly surprised enough to be forced to buy anything seeing as how i dont want to buy another bass until after i move... the agile acoustic was tempting enough acoustic that i really thought about getting it today... ill probably end up ordering one after i move... its gonna be a long wait

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