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Aguilar 1x12 Cabinet Suggestion

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bobbykokinos, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. Hey guys, I have a few questions about this cab

    1. Will it sound decent with both upright and 6 string electric?
    2. I have a GK 700RB.. Would it be a good match for this amp?
    3. My local guitar center has two used ones for $349 a piece.. Does this price sound right or too high?

    Anything else I should know about this cab before seriously looking at buying it?
  2. DubDubs


    Aug 23, 2004
    Los Angeles
    1. I would think it would sound decent but my tastes are proabbly different from yours
    2. I think a GK 700RB would be a fantastic amp for the aggy but again different tastes
    3. It seems high but depends on the condition. They go for around $420 new so if the cabs are practially brand new go for it. If they show some wear and look/feel used there are definatly better deals out there.
  3. Mcrelly


    Jun 16, 2003
    Minnesota, USA
    1. depends on what kinda sound you like. check the double bass section of TB see what they say. Double bass people seem to like a more forward midrange and less heavy bottom than the aguilar seems to have. two 112s would sound good with six string electric, again if you like the aguilars deep tone.

    2. don't know...

    3. a good new price is about $375 for the gs112 and about $350 for the gs112NT (no tweeter).

  4. Hmm ok.. they have two there.. I think the GK700RB would work great with 1 for quartet gigs and 2 for big band gigs..

    I didnt get a close look at them but they looked pretty clean. I'm sure I can find something though for them to bring the cost down a bit.. Hopefully they have 1 year same as cash :) Everyone told me "ohh 2x8 will be GREAT for upright" so I bought into it and unfortunatly its not loud enough for a big band.
  5. Yeah, I searched in the DB section and didnt find anything on the aguilar 112.. I'm sure the midrange can be fixed with a bit of EQ though. Most people on that side are going to 2x8 cabs but I'm not really sold on it..
  6. 1. Yes. It sounds great, but it really depends on your situation. I'm guessing you do more solo and jazz type stuff, so this cab would be outstanding. John Pattituchi rocks these little guys and he plays 6 string and upright. Check out the Aguilar site for other artists who may have similar styles.

    2. The GK 700RB is a fairly powerful and flexible head. The GS112 is very efficient when it comes to watt useage, and it will be louder than comprable cabs at the same volume. The design of the GS112 also helps to bring out a deeper bass tone, which would compliment the GK mids nicely. I think it's a good combo.

    3. I'm always hesitant to buy from Guitar Center, but the price of $349 used is no good. I bought a new one for $369. Bass Central has a couple of used ones for $299 each. Maybe you can talk GC down a bit, but I doubt it. Also, be wary of the "30-day" used gear policy. I've read lots of horror stories. Now is the GS112 worth it? Absolutely!
  7. Well, I went to GC today and the 12mo same as cash got the best of me.. I walking in with the print out of bass centrals ad for the Aguilars for $299 each and I walked out with both of them for that price. The gentlemen there was really helpful and worked great on the price. I took my GK700RB in and plug the cabs in and they sound GREAT with that head. The horn was a little crisp but it wasnt anything that turning it down couldnt fix. Actually, with double bass, I'll probably just cut the horn all together. Both me and the sales person were suprised when I hit the low B.. Those cabs handle it with no problems what so ever..

    All in all, GC was great to work with.. They have a Stambaugh 5 string in there I was eye balling too.. Ughhh 12mo same as cash is going to get me in trouble.
  8. I think most folks keep them between 1/2 up and completely off. Congrats on the cabs, I know you'll love them.
  9. I do already.. Now, I need to start moving some of my other amps out.. This GAS thing you guys talk about is killing me! :)