Aguilar AG 5P-60 (CL) review

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  1. Hi Talkbass,

    The winter holidays were good to me this year and I got a new pickup for my 5 string Lakland. The stock Hanson pickup had gone bad and I thought it would be a nice opportunity to try a different pickup. I was interested in the Aguilar 60's pickups and I had yet to hear the AG 5P-60, as the only samples online were of the 4 string version. I have been predictably satisfied with the pickup as it has been in the bass since Christmas.

    I feel the pickup gives that nice hollow grind that is so desirable in the 60's p pickups. It is wonderfully responsive to my TI flats and allows a great deal of precision in my playing. In a band context with 2 Marshall's and a heavy hitting drummer, I sat perfectly in the mix and never felt like I needed to force my playing. These dynamics are exactly what I look for in a p pickup and the Aguilar produces all of them very well.

    Compared to the Hanson I had on previously (when it was working), I find the Aguilar has a bit more focus with sweetly rounded highs and lows. It really doesn't offend in any frequency range and drives tube breakup nicely. That said, it still has a nice character to it that lets it sit in a mix and not disappear as soon as the guitars crank up.

    Be sure to check out the specs of the pickups as I needed to order the CL version to fit the bass. Although this version is supposed to be for 17.5-18.5 spacing, it has no trouble picking up all strings with my 19mm spacing.

    Feel free to post if you'd like any other info on the pickup.

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  2. Very nice tone! I have the dual coil Aguilar Jazz pickups on my Fender Jazz Bass and love them. Unlike Fender, SD, and Fralin dual coil noiseless pickups which have a more modern sound these retain 95 percent of the Single Coil Aguilar Vintage tone with absolutely no noise at all. I too use them with TI Jazz Flats and smile every time I pick up the bass and play it.
  3. Thanks! I didn't know that Aguilar made a dual coil jazz pickup. Glad you're happy with yours.
    There really is something about TI flats. They pair so nicely with passive pups.
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  4. Yes they do! Love em
    You have a very nice looking 5'r. Is that a Lakland?
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