SOLD Aguilar AG700 Amp

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    Aug 18, 2002
    For sale only: Aguilar AG700

    I’m a few months away from retirement and not playing out much these days. I’ve got 3 bass rigs and I guess it’s time to sell one. My “mans rig” is a heavy GBE750 & Berg HT322 and since all my jams these days happen upstairs in my music room it’s the one I roll out and play through. If I do a coffeehouse gig I use my Promethean 110 so the Aguilar rig is the one up for sale. Great sounding light weight amp with a nice Mesa gig bag for the Aguilar head (fits perfect in the bag).

    Price: $600 shipped east of the Mississippi PayPal preferred

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  2. Wow that was quick! Glad you were able to sell quickly!
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  3. Dang, I would have bought this had I seen it sooner lol
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