SOLD Aguilar AG700 Never Been Used

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  1. SamuelSandoval

    SamuelSandoval Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 18, 2014
    Northern Colorado
    Hi All,

    This unit is basically new. It has been tested to make sure it functions properly and actually pushes the cabs. It works wonderfully and has enough headroom to push whatever you need it to. Other than that, I’ve never gigged with it, and I’ve never even played at home with it as it was purchased solely for backup purposes.

    I’ve had it as a backup to my main rig but my main rig, well, has never failed so the AG has never ever been used. I need to move this ASAP too in order to pay off some bills. I’m losing $ on this unit but I’m fine with it. My loss is your gain.

    Will ship the head with an Aguilar AG gig bag.

    Will ship anywhere in the 48 states and will split shipping.


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  2. GOTBASS2016

    GOTBASS2016 Guest

    Jul 25, 2016
    Dang bro ! I’d didn’t think you were serious! I love my AG700 and my DB751 ! Great tBer here! Sam GLWTS !
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